A rug can help to massively transform the look of a room. It can add a much-needed splash of colour and also comes with practical benefits. Frank’s stock a fantastic range of rugs to match any interior or room. 

Let’s have a quick look at the top 7 reasons to buy a rug from Frank’s The Flooring Store. 

  1. Protect your flooring – you’ve spent hundreds on getting new flooring or carpet laid throughout your home. The last thing you want is for any accidents to occur where your new flooring could be exposed to unwanted damage. The cost of replacing an entire room of carpet or flooring could be avoided with the application of a rug. Let the rug take the brunt of any accidents and replace it when it cannot take anymore! Much better on your wallet! 
  2. Add some colour to your room – if you have had laminate, hardwood or LVT fitted, you might think that the room lacks a little pizzazz. Rugs not only come in all shapes and sizes, but they also come in a wide range of colours and swatches. Add a little jazz to your room quickly with a rug from Frank’s
  3. Cover up a boo boo – we’ve all done it, dropped something on the floor that has left a terrible stain that cannot be removed. Or even worse, we have dropped the iron on the carpet and burnt a mark. Yes, you could just get a new carpet down, but what if the majority of your carpet is in excellent condition? Do you really want to replace the entire carpet for one little spot? Well, why not put a rug down to hide the stain or mark? That way, you will cover the accident while also getting the value from the rest of your flooring. 
  4. Save the floor from pets – we are a nation of pet lovers, but let’s be honest – sometimes our kitties and pups can prove terrors when it comes to new flooring or carpet. Lay a rug to remove the added wear and tear from our four-legged friends! 
  5. Sound buffer – getting hardwood, laminate or LVT installed can look absolutely stunning. Still, sometimes they can be a little loud, especially if you have accidentally dropped something. With a rug, you can help to suppress any unwanted noises. 
  6. Create a centrepiece – a rug can help bring your room together, acting as a focal point for the room.  
  7. Warmth and comfort – in the winter, walking barefoot on wood flooring can be a little chilly! Help create a cosy barrier for your feet with a nice thick rug. 

Frank’s stock a wide range of rugs in a variety of colours and patterns. Why not pop along to your local Frank’s to buy a new rug today? 

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