When it comes to jazzing up your room, there’s nothing quite like finding that perfect rug. It’s like the cherry on top of your home décor sundae. But with so many options out there, how do you pick rugs that are right for you? 

Here at Frank’s, we’ve got over 25 years of experience in helping folks find their dream flooring, and rugs are no exception. So, buckle up and let’s dive into the world of rugs!

Understanding Your Space

First things first, let’s talk about space. The size of your room plays a big part in what kind of rug you should be looking out for. 

Got a snug little room? A smaller, brighter rug can give the illusion of more space. Working with a larger area? You’ve got the luxury of going big and bold. Remember, it’s not just about filling space – it’s about creating harmony.

Colour Me Happy

Colour can make or break a room. Think about the mood you want to set. 

Looking for something calm and serene? Soft, muted colours might be your jam. Want to add a splash of fun? Go for bold, vibrant hues. And don’t forget to consider your existing décor. A rug that compliments your furniture and wall colour can really tie the room together.

Feeling the Texture

Texture is a big deal at Frank’s. A plush, thick rug screams luxury and comfort – perfect for bedrooms or cosy living areas. 

In high-traffic areas like hallways, something short and sturdy will stand the test of time. And let’s not forget about those nifty non-slip options for kitchens and bathrooms.

The Great Material Debate

Material matters, folks. Natural fibres like wool are brill for a bit of warmth and durability. On the flip side, synthetic materials like polypropylene are easy to clean and can be more affordable. It’s all about finding what works for your lifestyle and budget.

Style It Up

From classic to contemporary, rugs come in a whole variety of styles. Love a traditional look? Oriental or Persian rugs might tickle your fancy. 

If you’re all about modern vibes, geometric patterns or minimalist designs could be the way to go. Don’t be afraid to experiment – sometimes the most unexpected choices make the biggest impact.

Final Touches

Lastly, let’s talk about finishing touches. Think about edging and fringe details. They might seem like small things, but they can really define the look of your rug. And don’t forget rug pads – not only do they prevent slipping, but they also add a bit of extra cushioning.

Wrapping It Up

At Frank’s, we believe finding the perfect rug should be as easy as pie. Remember, it’s about more than just a floor covering – it’s about making your space feel like home. Pop into your local Frank’s and let us help you find that perfect match. 

Got a question? Ask Frank!