It’s that time of year again when our wallets and our hearts race in anticipation of Black Friday.

We’ve all heard of those jaw-dropping discounts, but did you know that at Frank’s The Flooring Store we offer the best prices year-round? So, there’s no need for Black Friday sales!

Why Carpet on Black Friday?

Before you think, “Who shops for carpets on Black Friday?” hear us out. Carpets provide comfort, style, and that cosy feeling we all crave during the chilly months. 

Plus, here’s the kicker: You don’t have to wait for ‘Black Friday’ to get your hands on the carpet of your dreams. Our prices on flooring smash Black Friday discounts out of the park every time!

Pricing That’ll Leave You Floored

Let’s be honest; carpets can be an investment, but at Frank’s you’re in for a treat. 

Thanks to our Price Promise, you can choose any time of year to snag that plush, luxurious carpet you’ve been eyeing up. At Frank’s, you always have the choice of flooring at amazing prices without compromising on style, comfort, or durability.

Styles For Every Taste

Whether you’re into the classic, timeless look or prefer something a bit more contemporary, we have it all in-store. With a plethora of styles, colours, and textures to choose from, you’ll find the carpet that perfectly complements your decor and personal taste in no time!

From luxurious shaggy carpets to sleek and modern options, the world is your oyster (or, in this case, our carpet store)!

Getting The Right Fit

The key to snagging the best deal at Frank’s is to measure your space, consider your existing decor, and decide on your budget. 

This way, you’ll be ready to pounce on that jaw-dropping carpet you’ve had your eye on and our in-store flooring experts can make it happen.

DIY Installation or Professional Help?

Once you’ve scored your dream carpet, you’ll need to consider installation. 

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might want to tackle the installation yourself but, if you’re not the handy type, don’t worry because at Frank’s we offer a professional installation service.

Want to find out more? Ask in-store for details.

The Importance of Good Underlay

Don’t forget about underlay! After all, a quality underlay enhances the comfort and durability of your carpet. 

Aftercare and Maintenance

Your new carpet is an investment, so it deserves some love and care. 

When it comes to aftercare and maintenance, it’s all about prevention rather than cure. If you drop anything on your new flooring, be quick to blot it up and take measures to protect your flooring at all costs. 

The better you take care of your carpet, the longer it’ll keep your home cosy and inviting. Read our handy blog post on how to maintain carpet here.

Final Thoughts

At Frank’s, every day is the perfect opportunity to give your home a fresh, cosy makeover without breaking the bank. There doesn’t need to be a Black Friday!

If you’re on the hunt for a new carpet, don’t forget to measure your space, set a budget, and visit us in-store today.

Discover a wide range of high quality carpet solutions at your local Frank’s. Pop down to your nearby store and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring to transform your home.

Got a question? Ask Frank!