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Versatile Vinyl

Vinyl is family and pet friendly, hardwearing and easy to clean. The wipe-clean surface makes it ideal for kitchens or playrooms where the occasional spillage is to be expected. There are lots of design options available to suit all rooms and interiors and it can imitate stone, hardwood or slate for a chic look.

Vinyl is also noise reducing so however much chaos is going on in the kitchen when you’re entertaining, no one will need to know you broke a sweat!

Many people think that linoleum and vinyl flooring is the same product but that is not the case. Linoleum is usually composed of organic materials, while vinyl is made with synthetic materials. The colour and pattern on a vinyl floor is imprinted on the surface, whereas the colours run all the way through linoleum flooring.

Both types of flooring are durable, available in wide range of colours and resist stains better than many other floor covering options.

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Frank’s has an extensive range of vinyl flooring that is unbeatable both on quality and price. No matter your taste or requirements, the Franks team can recommend, design and install the perfect vinyl flooring for your home.

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