If you’re looking to elevate your space and make a lasting impression, consider herringbone flooring from Frank’s! A classic pattern that has stood the test of time, herringbone is incredibly versatile and the perfect canvas for your creative juices to flow.

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into five innovative ways to style herringbone flooring and make your home the talk of the town!

Mixing and Matching Herringbone Flooring Woods

One of the most striking ways to style herringbone flooring is to mix and match different types of wood to create a visually stimulating, multi-dimensional effect. 

You can choose contrasting wood tones to add depth or opt for a more subtle variation for a seamless, elegant look. For example, pairing light oak with dark walnut herringbone planks can create a captivating and sophisticated pattern that’s sure to be a conversation starter. 

This mix-and-match approach is a brilliant way to highlight architectural details or separate different areas in an open-concept space.

Vibrant Herringbone Flooring Colour Pops

Herringbone patterns may be known for their timeless elegance, but who says you can’t have a little fun with them? Adding a splash of colour to your herringbone flooring is a bold and creative move. 

So, whether it’s a single strip of colourful tiles amidst a sea of neutrals or a recurring pattern of vibrant hues throughout the entire floor, this style choice can inject a sense of playfulness and personality into your space. 

Be it a sunny yellow, a deep ocean blue, or a fiery red, the possibilities are endless. This is a fantastic way to make your floors a true statement piece in any room.

Transitioning to Parquet Patterns

While herringbone patterns are undeniably stunning, don’t be afraid to take it up a notch and transition into parquet patterns. 

Parquet showcases intricate and geometric designs that can add a touch of luxury to your flooring. You can blend herringbone with parquet by introducing contrasting or complementary wood types in the same space. 

Timeless Black and White Drama

For those who appreciate the timeless elegance of herringbone but are looking for a little drama, why not consider the classic black and white combination?

This high-contrast pairing is perfect for spaces where you want a bold, graphic look. Imagine a sleek, all-white kitchen with black herringbone floors – it’s like a modern art canvas! 

The interplay of light and dark creates a striking visual effect that’s both contemporary and timeless. It goes without saying that the black and white duo is a showstopper and it complements a wide range of design styles from minimalistic to traditional.

To sum it up, herringbone flooring is more than just a classic pattern; it’s a canvas for creativity. 

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless charm of classic woods, the vibrant allure of colourful accents, the luxury of parquet patterns, or the drama of black and white, the possibilities are endless.

Embrace your inner interior designer and let your herringbone flooring shine in a way that truly represents your personality and style. Check out the amazing range of herringbone flooring we have in-store, find your local Frank’s here.

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