Having a playroom at home provides an area for little ones to enjoy their own space, use their ever-growing imagination and play with toys and games comfortably. When it comes to flooring the solution must be safe and also comfortable, durable and easy to maintain.

Just like for other built-for-purpose rooms in the home, creating a playroom requires some thought and preparation. Likely in a playroom there may be accidents, lots of running around, and generally heavy foot traffic. 

Therefore a flooring solution that is heavy duty and low maintenance is probably in your best interest. At Frank’s we have so many choices for playroom flooring, so why not pop down to your local branch and see what’s in store? 

Let’s find out which flooring options are ideal for a kid’s playroom at home! 


Snuggly and soft to sit on, carpet is a great choice for playrooms. Although sometimes difficult to clean and take care of, a carpeted playroom hugely increases comfort levels for children.

When playing, little ones often kneel or sift on the floor so a carpet with a thick, soft pile will provide a cushioned effect. Carpet can also be useful if they fall or slip when playing because it offers a softer landing compared to other flooring options.

However, in a playroom environment carpet can be tricky to maintain when in constant use. Paint splats, spilled drinks and compressed Play-Doh can start to take its toll on the condition of the carpet.

If you know the carpet is likely to experience a rough time, we suggest buying a less expensive carpet so you won’t be as disappointed when it becomes worn. At Frank’s we have the best prices on carpet and flooring, come and check us out in store!

Alternatively, you could always add rugs to your playroom to protect the flooring underneath. Most rugs are washable, so simply pop it in the wash when it looks a little worse for wear.

Laminate playroom flooring

Laminate flooring is also well suited for playrooms because it is highly durable and able to withstand high amounts of wear and tear. It can cope with scratches and scuffs as well as stains and spillages.

The smooth finish provides a safe surface for children to play on and you can also add rugs and beanbags for some extra comfort. It is also extremely easy to clean by wiping down the surface with a damp cloth when accidents happen.

Laminate is also very versatile and can replicate real wood or even natural stone to provide your at-home playroom with a stylish appearance.

Vinyl playroom flooring

Available in a huge range of colours and patterns at Frank’s, we guarantee to have a vinyl flooring solution to match your existing decor. Perhaps choose a bright colour such as blue, red or yellow to really make your little ones’ playroom pop?

Vinyl is also one of the most affordable floor options around, so if your playroom is likely to see a lot of use and may need replacing in a few years time this flooring type might be the ideal solution.

It is also incredibly hard wearing and can handle significant traffic, even when the little ones invite their friends round to play. Therefore, your return on investment is completely worthwhile with vinyl flooring.

Plus, any mess is easily eradicated using water-based cleaning methods. So, if you’re looking to create a fun environment for the kids during playtime, vinyl could be a great option.

So, pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect playroom flooring for your home.

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