You might be thinking, “Where do I begin designing a bedroom for my little one?” Well, child-friendly bedroom designs are much easier to achieve than you might think.

For starters, children need far less room than us adults do. That’s because they’re smaller in size, their clothes are smaller, and the stuff they have to store is smaller. Therefore, their room can be relatively minimal and easy to think about design-wise.

Choose flooring that is designed for practicality 

All types of flooring have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to styling a child’s bedroom.

Carpets are comfy, especially if your child likes running around. Accidents and falls are much less frequent with carpet because they provide more traction for little feet. They’re also comfortable for children to sit on if they’re reading, playing, or watching television. Carpet also serves the purpose of providing more warmth and cosiness to a room than laminate flooring, which can sometimes feel a bit cold in a bedroom.

However, if your little one accidentally spills their art paint or gets some Play-Doh stuck in it, then it can be a bit of a chore to clean. Of course, there are options for carpet cleaning or simply setting some ground rules regarding what you allow your child to have in their bedroom. 

Wood flooring and laminate flooring are much easier to maintain than carpet and give a polished look to any room. It’s also great if you’re likely to rearrange furniture and would like to avoid the marks that carpet would typically leave. On the other hand, wood flooring is effortless to wipe clean if any accidents occur. 

Create an easily changeable base for your child’s bedroom 

Choosing white or wood finish furniture is great because it provides a neutral ground to build on top of. Plus, when your little one gets older, and you may want to switch things around, it’s easy to do so.

Whether it’s a room suited to a boy or girl, your next step is to inject colour to make it feel cosier and inviting. You could consider painting or wallpapering the walls, choosing vibrant bedding, throws, and cushions, hanging up eye-catching pictures and photographs, and picking ornaments, toys, and accessories to really give the room some personality. 

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