Since vinyl flooring was first manufactured in the 1800s, it’s fair to say that it has come a long way. Renowned for its affordability and practicality, today’s progression of the products gives us luxury vinyl tiles, or LVT, which is the first ever vinyl plank flooring.

When installed by a professional, LVT provides homeowners with an abundance of benefits, ranging from easy maintenance and affordable to a surface that is resistant to scratches and water. 

The versatility of LVT allows you to create the look and feel of natural stone and wood and can match any colour or pattern of your home to make for a cohesive appearance.

So, which home areas suit LVT and how does it work with different living spaces?


Luxury vinyl tiles are a perfect match for kitchens. Today’s LVT can resist leaks caused by washing machines, spills from sinks, excess water from mopping; you can enjoy sealed waterproof protection with this type of flooring.

Its durable surface can also defend against scratches and dents and is incredibly easy to keep clean. LVT effortlessly provides a hard wearing and hygienic environment that looks high end in any home.

Living rooms with LVT

Normally a living room enjoys a stable temperature, low footfall and low levels of moisture and humidity. These conditions make it easy for luxury vinyl to cope, which makes luxury vinyl tiles a great option for such a comfortable space.

You don’t even need to worry about using central heating in the winter months because the flooring is resistant to heat, which means that it won’t warp in high temperatures. You can even partner LVT with underfloor heating systems for a luxury feel.


Many people prefer carpet in the bedroom for an extra cosy feel, however LVT can bring a stylish element to the bedroom. With the capabilities to mimic real wood and authentic stone, bring a contemporary feel to your bedroom with luxury vinyl tiles.

It is a particularly good match for a bedroom if you suffer from dust allergies because it’s easier to get rid of unwanted particles. If you like extra warmth underfoot, consider underfloor heating or add some soft plush rugs.

Bathrooms with LVT

We touched upon the fact that this flooring type is impermeable, so when installed in a bathroom it can easily withstand splashes from sinks, baths and showers. The flooring can also be cleaned with water-based products, which makes for an easy cleaning routine.

Plus, with so many designs, colours, tones and textures available at your local Frank’s the options are endless for bathrooms.


Conservatories are exposed to high levels of sunlight, which can lead to many floor types fading in an environment like this. However, luxury vinyl that is high quality is typically UV protected to avoid this issue occurring.

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect LVT for your home.

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