When it comes to interior design, LVT flooring is way ahead of the game. With so many design and styling possibilities, it comes as no surprise why LVT is such a popular choice for homeowners up and down the UK. 

We could talk about the benefits of LVT all day, because at Frank’s, we love flooring! However, we are here today to talk about how easy luxury vinyl flooring is to clean and why it’s the perfect choice for homeowners who crave low maintenance solutions.  

So, whether you already have LVT installed and are on the hunt for some useful tips for cleaning, or are considering luxury vinyl flooring for your home, we’re pretty sure that everyone can take something from our helpful information.  

The LVT Flooring Care Guide

As a general rule, before cleaning should even be required, it’s important to care for your LVT flooring as much as you can to avoid damage or tedious maintenance. 

  • If you wish to rearrange a room by moving furniture where LVT is installed, try to avoid dragging items along the floor and instead lift them with care. 
  • Place mats underneath heavy furniture to avoid damage to the flooring underneath. 
  • Should you want to add a cosy rug to compliment your luxury vinyl tiles, be sure to choose one with a non-slip back to prevent slips and falls.

How To Clean LVT 

Generally, LVT is easy to clean and relatively low maintenance. This makes LVT an ideal choice for busy family households, or homes where accidents such as spillages and stains happen often. 

The good news is that spills and stains can be wiped up easily without substances seeping into the material and causing long term damage.

  • We recommend using a soft bristle sweeping brush to get rid of any crumbs, hairs and other small debris that can occur on floors. Using a soft bristle sweeping brush prevents the risk of scratches the surface of your floors, as opposed to a stiffer brush.
  • Alternatively, using the vacuum cleaner on your LVT once or twice a week will get rid of unwanted dirt with minimal effort. 
  • Once you have swept up all loose dirt, take a wrung-out mop with a gentle disinfectant and mop your floors to loosen up the more stubborn dirt present.
  • In between thorough cleaning, we recommend using antibacterial wipes to replenish the surface of your floors and give them a brand new look. 

Removing Stains From LVT 

Should any stubborn food stains occur on the surface of your LVT flooring, we recommend the home remedy of baking soda and water to tackle this as opposed to purchasing flooring products on the market that may be unsuitable.

Mix together a spoonful of baking soda and water until it turns into a paste, then apply it to the stain. After a few minutes, wipe away the substance with a soft, clean cloth. If necessary, for more stubborn stains we recommend repeating the process 2-3 times. 

LVT Flooring Do’s & Don’ts

To keep your LVT flooring looking as clean and new as the day you installed it, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to keep you right.


  • To help prevent water and dirt transferring indoors, place doormats at the entry points of your home. 
  • Any spills that do occur should be wiped away immediately to prevent long term damage. 
  • To prevent indentation marks caused by furniture, fit felt pads to the bottom of chair legs.
  • For high traffic areas, choosing a cosy rug that compliments your flooring and decor style will help prevent more unwanted damage occurring.
  • To avoid your luxury vinyl tiles fading, shade them from direct sunlight by installing in areas without south facing windows.


  • If you are placing mats, we recommend choosing rubber or latex-backed mats from staining your floor. 
  • Don’t drag large objects, such as furniture, across your floors. 
  • Don’t use steam cleaners.
  • Don’t use any cleaning products that have not been recommended by the flooring manufacturer.

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