5 Ways To Lighten Your Space For Spring

As we wave goodbye to the nippy days, it’s the perfect moment to give your pad a spruce up and let in the spring vibes.

It’s the little tweaks here and there that can really transform your gaff – from brightening up the place with lighter shades in your cosy corners, switching up your curtains for those longer days ahead, to adding a bit of greenery for that outdoor feel indoors. Here’s how to make your space feel brand spankin’ new this spring.

Brighten Up with Lighter Shades

Think swapping out those hefty, dark cushions for something a bit more cheerful like light linens and soft pastel tones, and stowing away the thick throws. Fancy a bit of a furniture refresh? Go for neutral sofas and armchairs that’ll make you feel like spring’s already here.

And if you’re up for it, why not give your walls a light makeover, or switch up your pictures with some flowery vibes for an easy peasy spring feel?

Let the Sunshine In

With spring comes those lovely long days we’ve all been waiting for. Make sure your windows are sparkling both inside and out and swap out those hefty drapes for lighter touches (or go bare) to let the sunshine pour in.

Light voiles can give your room a warm, glowing look, and a cleverly placed mirror can make your space feel bigger and brighter. Shuffling your furniture around can also help get the light spreading all over

Lighting Tweaks for a Cosy Glow

A simple nudge to your lighting setup can really match the softer daylight we get this time of year. Consider switching to bulbs with a lower lumen to mimic the brighter evenings and maybe adding a dimmer switch for a bit of mood lighting.

Think about the feel-good factor too. Want your place to lift your spirits? Layer up with different lights from the ceiling to the floor. Pop a lamp on a low table or a chic footstool, or hang some pendant lights in open areas for that bright, airy morning feel.

Freshen Up Your Scents

Moving away from those heavy, wintry scents to something more spring-like can really change up the atmosphere. Think light and floral, like citrus or lavender, or even a touch of the outdoors with cedar or eucalyptus. Scented candles or essential oil diffusers can work wonders, but don’t forget, a bunch of fresh spring flowers or some growing bulbs will also freshen up the place no end.

Invite the Outdoors Inside

Alongside those fresh bouquets, bringing in some greenery – plants, trees, or even some lush foliage – can do wonders for your wellbeing and make your home feel connected to nature. You could always grab some wildflowers from the garden, get a monthly flower delivery, or deck the place out with nature-themed decor like botanical prints or wooden bits and bobs to make your indoor space blossom.

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