Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Area Rug

When it comes to decorating your home, choosing the right area rug can be a decision that not only impacts the style of your room but also its functionality and longevity. Here at Frank’s, we’re all about helping you make the best choices that make your spaces look brilliant without splurging for no reason!

Let’s dive into some of your burning questions about selecting the perfect rug for your home.

What type of area rug is in style?

Currently, the trend in area rugs leans towards both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Natural fibres like wool, jute, and sisal are popular due to their sustainability and earthy tones that lend a warm, organic feel to interiors. On the style front, minimalist designs, geometric patterns, and muted colours are in vogue, complementing both contemporary and traditional decors. For a splash of vibrancy, vintage rugs or those with bohemian designs can add a burst of character and colour to any room.

What is a decent rug size?

The ideal rug size largely depends on the specific room and its layout. Here’s a simple guide to help you choose:

  • Living Room: A common rule is that the rug should be large enough to fit under the front legs of your sofas and chairs, which typically means opting for at least an 8’ x 10’ or 9’ x 12’ rug for most living room setups.
  • Dining Room: For dining areas, ensure the rug is big enough to accommodate all chairs even when they’re pulled out. A good rule of thumb is to choose a rug that extends at least 24 inches beyond the table on all sides.
  • Bedrooms: In bedrooms, a rug that sits under the bed should extend at least 18-24 inches beyond each side of the bed. Alternatively, smaller rugs can be placed on each side of the bed to provide a warm, cushy spot to land your feet in the morning.

Which type of rugs last the longest?

When it comes to durability, synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester are known for their resilience and are particularly suitable for high-traffic areas due to their ability to resist staining and fading. However, if you’re looking for a blend of durability and plushness, wool rugs are your best bet. Wool is not only resistant to wear and tear but also naturally stain-resistant and easy to clean, making it a practical choice for nearly any setting.

Are rugs worth the money?

Absolutely! Rugs are not just decorative; they play functional roles in your home by defining spaces, reducing noise, and making your floors more comfortable. A good quality rug can also protect your floors from scratches and scuffs, which is particularly important in high-traffic areas or rooms with hardwood flooring. Moreover, rugs are a great way to refresh your décor without committing to a major renovation. With their ability to tie a room together, they provide a cost-effective way to update your space.

How do you know if a rug is quality?

Identifying a high-quality rug involves looking at several factors:

  • Material: Natural fibres like wool, silk, and cotton generally offer greater durability and a more luxurious feel compared to synthetic materials.
  • Density: Check the density of the rug by bending it back slightly. If you can see the base easily, it’s not very dense. A high number of knots per square inch indicates higher quality.
  • Finishing: Hand-knotted rugs typically have a finer finish with greater detail and variability than machine-made rugs.
  • Underlay: Quality rugs often come with or recommend a good underlay to prolong their life and increase comfort.

Choosing the right rug can improve your home’s style and comfort significantly. At Frank’s, we pride ourselves on our variety of high-quality, affordable rugs that cater to every taste and requirement. Pop into our your local store, and let’s find you a rug that not only matches your style but also promises great value and longevity.

Remember, at Frank’s, we make it easy and affordable to add that perfect touch to your home.

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