Today, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of keeping your floors looking mighty fine for years. Whether it’s our brill carpets, sleek laminate, real wood, or practical artificial grass, we’ve got your back with some top-notch maintenance tips.

Carpets: Keeping Them Lush

Regular Vacuuming:

Carpets are like the hair of your home – they need regular care. Whisk away the daily dirt with a good vacuum. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about loving your carpet!

Spot Cleaning:

Spilled a cuppa on your new carpet? No panic! Blot, don’t rub, and use a mild cleaning solution. It’s like first aid for carpets.

Deep Clean:

Once a year, treat your carpet to a deep clean. Think of it as a spa day – it’ll come out feeling refreshed and looking jolly.

Laminate: Shine On

Gentle Cleaning:

Laminate flooring, while durable, doesn’t like being soaked. Use a damp mop, not a wet one, and a gentle cleaner. Keep it simple, keep it shining!

Avoid Scratches:

Lift, don’t drag, furniture when moving it around. Felt pads under legs are like slippers for your chairs – comfy and protective.

Regular Sweeping:

A quick sweep keeps your laminate looking nifty. It’s like brushing your teeth – do it regularly for the best results.

Real Wood: Ageing Gracefully

Prevent Water Damage:

Water and wood are not best pals, so wipe spills immediately to prevent your wood flooring from getting a cold.

Use Proper Cleaners:

Treat your wood floor with the right cleaners. It’s like picking the right perfume – the match makes all the difference.

Regular Dusting:

A soft, dry mop is your wood floor’s best friend. Keep dust and grit at bay, and your floor will repay you with years of beauty.

Artificial Grass: Evergreen and Easy

Rinse Regularly:

A quick hose down keeps your artificial grass looking fresh. It’s like a shower – quick, refreshing, and essential.

Brush Up:

Keep the blades standing tall with a stiff brush. It’s like combing your hair – a little effort for a lot of style.

Remove Debris:

Leaves, twigs, and other garden bits can make your artificial grass look untidy. A quick rake will sort it right out!

Wrapping Up

Remember, at Frank’s, we’re not just about selling floors; we’re about helping you keep them fantastic. Pop into your local Frank’s for more tips, or if you fancy a change, we’ve got loads of choices waiting for you. 

And remember, you won’t find flooring for less anywhere else. That’s not just a statement; it’s a promise!

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