It goes without saying that real wood flooring is an investment for any home. However, it can last a lifetime if cared for and maintained properly. It’s also important to be aware of the ways you can cause damage to your flooring, in order to avoid this from happening.

Even though the overall character of wood flooring changes over time, the natural patterning and unique features add to its charm. 

At Frank’s, we have a list of care tips to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your floors.

Too much water/moisture

No matter whether your wood floors are sealed with a water damage resistant protective layer or has been treated with varnish or soil, wood is still prone to moisture damage.

Using a traditional mop to clean wood flooring uses far too much water and over time, will cause your floor to warm, discolour and damage. 

Therefore, we recommend using a flat mop with a sponge or microfibre head and soaking it with a cleaning solution before wringing it out and using it. The mop should only be damp to the touch, not completely soaking wet.

Products that are not suitable for wood flooring

To maintain wood flooring, cleaning is essential. However, it is essential to ensure you are using the right products with suitability for wooden floors.

For example, vinegar and ammonia can cause adverse effects to the protective sealant used on most wood flooring. Always use diluted mixtures or a specific product designed specifically for hardwood floors, we recommend a PH balanced solution. 

Only using a vacuum cleaner

Even if your vacuum cleaner features a hardwood flooring attachment, it is important to always sweep or dust beforehand. Starting with a vacuum can result in pushing around damaging dirt, such as stones and other bulky debris.

This can cause dirt to get stuck in the vacuum bristles and potentially scratch your floor. To avoid this happening, use a soft bristle broom to remove any surface dirt present and then the vacuum to collect any remaining dirt or dust.

Wearing shoes on wood flooring 

When it comes to wearing shoes in the house, high heels are the worst offender for damaging wood flooring. That being said, any footwear around the house can cause damage that lasts.

Ensure you have doormats at every entryway to your home and wipe shoes before coming inside at the very least. It would be best to take off your shoes completely though!

Not maintaining pets claws

Many of us have busy schedules, so it’s easy to forget things like keeping the dogs’ nails trimmed. However, not only for their sake is it important but it will also avoid damage to your floors.

Once you return from a walk, make sure to wipe your dogs’ paws, especially in the winter because grit can often hurt your pooch and cause damage to flooring too. If you are a cat owner, check their nails regularly too in case they need trimming. 

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