Wool carpets are a timeless choice that have been present in British homes for centuries. Before times when central heating existed, the warmth of this carpet type was a luxury in many homes and served a practical purpose as well as looking good.

Still to this day, wool carpets remains a classic interior design choice and it’s clear to see why. They carry the ability to suit modern and traditional homes alike, feel uncomfortable underfoot and add a sprinkling of luxury to any home.

What is a wool carpet?

This carpet type is made from natural fibres of sheep’s fleece and have some amazing properties, including the fact that they are extremely hard wearing, offer next-level insulation and even boast resistance to fire. 

The ultimate sustainable choice, when looked after properly, wool carpet can last for decades. The carpet fibres keep their shape even after a lot of pressure has been applied from walking on the surface or moving furniture around the room. 

Its resistance to flames is also incredibly useful. Drop a match or cigarette onto your flooring and it will only lightly char the fibres but it won’t catch fire like a synthetic carpet would. 

Generally, wool carpet is considered an investment because it does come with a slightly higher price tag when compared to other carpet types. However, it can outlast all other contenders when cared for properly which makes it worth the investment.

One thing to note is that they can be known to shed a little, there we recommend regular cleaning and vacuuming to keep it looking pristine. 

Wool carpet types

At Frank’s, it comes in two types – pure wool, or wool blend. 

Wool blend generally has a wool ratio of 80/20 ratio of wool, along with a synthetic material like polypropylene to give it a softer feeling as well as more stain resistance. These hybrid carpets allow you to enjoy the qualities of natural wool at a lower price. 

Carpets that are 100% wool are made using pure sheep’s wool. What’s great about these two types of carpet is that they are both easy to print on and dye, which makes the design choices for this carpet type almost endless. 

Pros and cons of wool carpet

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you decide whether this popular carpet type is right for you. 


  • It is soft and luxurious to touch 
  • The natural oils make it dirt resistant
  • Natural insulating properties
  • Fire resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sustainable option for flooring


  • Slightly more expensive than other carpet types
  • Can be stained by products like coffee and wine
  • Can fade in sunlight

How much does wool carpet cost?

Quality, designs, colours and materials can all affect the price of wool carpets. At Frank’s we offer the best prices on all flooring types, all you need to do is pop down to your local store and check out our amazing range of options for wool carpet.

We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect wool carpet for your home. Come down and see us today!

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