Laminate flooring is an ever-popular flooring solution for homeowners. Not only is it budget friendly, it’s durable, scratch resistant and replicates the look of natural wood beautifully. With that in mind, let’s explore the history of laminate. 

Perfect for homeowners wanting to achieve the aesthetic of natural wood but without the hefty price tag, laminate floors have been around for years and is still a firm favourite among the customers who enter our stores.

The History of Laminate 

The history of laminate flooring dates back to the 1980s, when it was the product of choice up and down the UK regardless of a household’s budget or style. It was the go-to for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where a hard wearing solution was required. 

However, in the nineties and into the noughties it became a dated choice and merely a forgotten-about 80s trend. Instead, homeowners began to opt for authentic, solid wood flooring and were happy to pay the price. 

But people quickly remembered how practical laminate floors were compared to some of the more expensive options. Despite the beautiful aesthetic of solid wood floors, they can be tedious and time consuming to maintain.

It’s perfectly normal for flooring to experience wear and tear over the years but with laminate you are guaranteed durability and a hard wearing surface that will last.

Laminate Flooring Today 

With improved technology, over the years laminate flooring products have progressed hugely in terms of practicality and resistance. The manufacturing equipment, photographic film layers and surface engraving helps give it a far more natural look and feel than ever before.

We invite you to pop down to your local Frank’s to check out the wide range of laminate we have in stock. You will be amazed how like-for-like our products are with solid wood flooring. 

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