It’s no secret to us that kitchens are often one of the busiest rooms in the house and receive some of the highest levels of foot traffic. So, when it comes to choosing the best flooring to fit a kitchen we know all there is to know about what’s suitable and what’s not. 

When choosing the perfect kitchen floor, it’s vital to choose something long-lasting that can endure plenty of footfall and any potential accidents that occur in everyday life, such as regular staining, water spills, as well as any temperature changes.

Although, just because kitchen flooring has to be practical, doesn’t mean it can’t look good. Whatever type of flooring you choose from Frank’s, we have a wide range of beautiful finishes and patterns available, so there’s no excuse for it not to become a feature of your space.

Here are our suggestions for kitchen flooring that looks amazing but is also hard-wearing and practical.

Engineered hardwood

Installing wood flooring in any space instantly adds warmth and comfort, which can prove a great choice for a kitchen in a period home. It is also easy to maintain and clean with the simple use of a damp mop when marks or spillages occur.

Kitchens are often exposed to a lot of moisture, therefore we’d recommend choosing engineered hardwood rather than solid hardwood flooring. That way, the durable top layer can provide resistance to warping and movement that solid hardwood can often suffer from.

When it comes to choosing the right colour, keep in mind that lighter wood finishes open the space out but show dirt more easily. 

Alternatively, choose a darker wood finish if you have white or pale-coloured kitchen cabinets to display a contrast and ensure marks are more concealed.

Laminate flooring

Here at Frank’s, we think laminate flooring is an all-round winner. Not only is it cost-effective, durable, and often high-quality; it’s also incredibly convincing when it comes to replicating real wood. As technology excels, effects such as distressed wood and hand scraped wood is completely achievable.

Great for busy kitchens, it is also stain and scratch resistant which means you don’t have to worry about accidents having major repercussions. We recommend choosing a higher-end laminate compared to the cheapest option. Choose flooring that is complete with grain finishes and beveled edges as opposed to less expensive options with an overly shiny effect.


Another extremely cost-effective option; vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable flooring types on the market today. Prices vary depending on thickness, pattern, and brand but generally it is a well-priced option. And of course, at Frank’s, we have unbeatable prices!

Vinyl flooring is available in a huge variety of finishes, colours, and patterns; so the choice is almost endless. These days, it is also more durable and resilient than ever, as well as bein water-resistant and insulating. 

As an added bonus, it is incredibly easy to maintain. Its protective coat makes it resistant to dirt and staining, so it’s actually really easy to keep up with cleaning. Spills and splashes are easily wiped and with some occasional sweeping and mopping it’ll look as good as new for years.

Pop on down to your local Frank’s and we’ll help you pick out the perfect kitchen flooring for your home!

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