To celebrate National Pet Month, we decided to sit down with the expert flooring superstars at Frank’s to talk about flooring and pets to gather some much-needed knowledge on the topic. The UK is a country full of pet lovers; whether it’s our prized pooches or feline friends, we want to make sure that they have the best lives possible with us. And with more pets getting new homes through lockdown, there are now more reasons to make sure you have the right flooring for your four-legged friends. 


You might not think that carpet for your main living areas would be suitable for a dog or cat. You’ve got playtimes, running around with toys and also bringing in a few nasty bits and bobs on their feet from outdoor adventures. But, you can still have a carpet and a pet. You’ve just got to choose your carpet wisely. For obvious reasons, you might want to avoid buying lighter coloured carpets as the colour can draw attention to any accidental muddy paw prints. You might look for something with a pattern or a darker shade to cover up any unwanted mishaps!

We’ve seen it a million times before, a customer has had a nice new carpet down for less than a year, and what do you know? Their pet has ripped it to bits. It’s not their fault. In some cases, especially with cats, their claws can get stuck in the carpet’s loops, resulting in sections being pulled away. Eventually, left with a patchy carpet, these customers would have been better with a twist carpet. A twist carpet doesn’t feature loops to get claws stuck in, minimalising the risks associated with pets.

Pets & Wood Flooring

While hardwood flooring is the ultimate in luxury, it can also be tricky when it comes to pets. Like all flooring, including carpet, hardwood flooring is exposed to the same accidents and footfall. However, in the case of hardwood flooring, some accidents can become a permanent fixture. Scratches and claw marks can become ingrained on the wood for all time. You might be able to sand any blemishes out, but this is a long and tedious process as you would need to sand the entire floor space. If you are thinking about having hardwood flooring installed and you do have pets, we would advise you to furnish your busier areas with a rug or two to absorb some of the damage.

Pets & Vinyl

A great option for many households with pets is vinyl. Vinyl is great as it is quick to install, comes in a wide range of styles and colours and can be cleaned quickly and easily without hassle. Vinyl can be fitted in high traffic areas, where pets will eat and possible use litter trays and can be replaced at a great price point if unforeseen damage occurs.

Pets & Laminate and LVT

If hardwood flooring is out of your price range, you might want to think about laminate or LVT. At a fraction of the cost, you can get flooring that will emulate the look of many hardwood flooring styles. Of course, laminates and LVT don’t have the same lifespan as hardwood flooring, but if correctly maintained, they both can look amazing and last a long while. Like vinyl flooring, both laminate and LVT can be cleaned easily and quickly with a mop or cloth, meaning any accidents or mucky paw prints can be eliminated. Even better, with a little bit of home DIY skills, both can have sections replaced if you have any leftover tiles or boards, perfect if your cat or dog chips the top layer with their claws.

Don’t Forget, Artificial Grass

Let’s not forget, not only do Frank’s supply flooring for the inside of your home, but we also help transform gardens with our amazing range of artificial grass. Artificial grass is already a no-brainer for your garden, helping reduce all that TLC and time spent on upkeep, but it is also pet friendly! Our artificial grass is manufactured from animal-friendly materials, meaning your furry friends won’t be harmed when playing out in the garden. Coupled with a tough surface, meaning no more digging in the back garden, you can rest assured that any “accidents” can be easily picked up and disposed of, and with a spray of the garden hose, everything will be clean as a whistle.

So whether you are looking to get a new carpet down in time for summer, vinyl in the bathroom or want to transform your garden with some artificial grass, get yourself along to your local Frank’s! With prices that cannot be beaten, backed by our price promise, you won’t find flooring or artificial grass for less anywhere. 

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