A properly cleaned and well-maintained carpet can last twice as long as one that is neglected. By minimising dirt, using DIY cleaning machines once in a while and cleaning any stains before they settle into the fibres, you can ensure that your carpet looks as good as new for years to come.

Minimising Dirt

When you walk across a dirty carpet, sharp dirt particles are ground against the yarn creating tiny nicks in the fibres, which dulls the sheen of your beautiful new carpet. To minimise dirt your vacuum cleaner is your best friend! To protect your carpet you should vacuum entrance and high traffic areas twice a week and the rest of the carpeting weekly to reduce soil build-up. A dirty bag can cut your suction power in half so always start with a clean bag. Vacuum slowly to remove as much dirt as possible – two slow passes will remove more ground-in dirt than several fast passes. Mats are a good idea to keep dirt off your carpet. Use coarse-textured mats outside to remove soil from shoes and use water-absorbent mats inside to keep wet shoes off the carpeting.

Steam Cleaning

DIY Steam Cleaning machines can be effective if you use them correctly. It is advisable to clean the carpet before it becomes really dirty – if not it will take much longer. Vacuum well beforehand to remove large pieces of soil and again afterwards to pick up any soil that sticks to the surface during drying. It is advisable to pre-treat any stains – let the pre-treatment sit for 5 minutes before starting the clean. Don’t allow the carpet to become too wet and finally let the carpet dry thoroughly to prevent mould and mildew. Once you have cleaned your carpet, open the windows to air the room and remove excess moisture from the air. Don’t replace any furniture or walk on the carpet until it is completely dry – this can take up to 12 hours!

Stain Removal

The best advice is to act quickly! If you get to a stain quickly there is a 99% chance you can remove it. 80% of stains can be removed with plain old tap water, so try that first. Press a clean dry white cloth over the stain to absorb the spill and repeat until it is absorbed. Blot the stain – don’t rub or scrub as this can work the stain further into your carpet and can damage the fibres. On tough spots, you can try a solution of equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Finally, be patient! Work the solution gently into the stain and blot with a dry cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is gone and all of the water has been absorbed!

Using these three methods you can keep your new carpet looking fantastic for a very long time – the only downside may be that we won’t see you in our stores quite so often!

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