If you’re thinking about purchasing a new carpet from Frank’s or have just recently chosen one, the next step is to consider how you’re going to install it.

Getting a new carpet installed in your home is an exciting project but choosing it really is just the first stage. Underlay and fitting play a massive part in the flooring process and will determine how good your carpet looks once installed.

If you didn’t already know, underlay can affect the lifespan of your flooring and a carpet that is badly fitted can ruin even the highest quality flooring. So, why spend good money on the best materials and not bother with a proper installation? 

While some homeowners might think it’s a good idea to install carpet themselves as a fun DIY project, the reality is that it’s a lot easier to just get a professional on the job!

At Frank’s we use only professional fitters of the highest standard. Each and every one of our fitters is friendly, reliable and efficient and most of them have worked with us for many years. Therefore, we guarantee top quality service every time.

Our fitting teams are able to handle any job, no matter how large or small. Should you require help removing your old carpet or other flooring, or need a hand moving furniture, we advise you to ask your sales assistant when you are buying your new flooring.

As well as having the knowledge and expertise to use the tools required for a high quality installation, our fitters are also well-versed with the necessary steps to properly install carpet in your home and prevent issues. 

Poor DIY installation can lead to problems such as wrinkles, seams showing, seams splitting and fraying but when you choose our fitting service at Frank’s we promise this will never be the case.

Plus, when you choose Frank’s to fit your carpet you will save money buying or hiring the special tools required for installation, as well as the efforts of installing carpet yourself. 

What are you waiting for? Visit your local store today and be sure to ask your sales assistant about our expert fitting services.

Got a question? Ask Frank!