Now more than ever before, working from home is a habit that many of us are in and it’s here to stay. If you do work from home, you’ll likely spend most of your day here which means you’ll want to create a space that is practical and inviting.

Creating a functional home office that makes you feel motivated, productive, and comfortable is easy with Frank’s flooring. 

There are a few things to consider that can help you choose suitable flooring for your home office. You may consider it as an extension of your home, therefore matching it with the decor and the rest of your home might be an option.

Alternatively, you could create a space that is distinct from the rest of your home, with an entirely new look and feel. 

Consider what type of office furniture you have when making your decision too. For example, if you are buying new furniture and want to feature a swivel chair then durable flooring will enable smooth sliding and is most practical. 

If you aren’t planning on buying any new furniture, consider how your existing furniture will tie in with floor choice you have in mind, or what will match best.

What is the best flooring for a home office?

When it comes to a home office, it is about preference and also practicality. Flooring that interacts well with office furniture is important but creating office ambience is equally as desirable.

If you regularly take phone calls, choosing a quiet floor that absorbs noise is a good idea. Alternatively, if you often welcome clients, you may like to choose something that is durable and easy to clean and maintain.

Wood, laminate, carpet, and vinyl are all suitable home office options, depending on your individual needs and style preferences.

Vinyl for home offices

Available in a huge variety of colours, patterns, and styles; at Frank’s you can explore endless home office ideas with vinyl.

Vinyl flooring is both low maintenance and durable – a perfect choice for home offices. Rest assured that vinyl can withstand regular footfall and sliding office chairs. It is also resistant to stains and scuffs because of its protective top layer.

Another bonus is that vinyl flooring has excellent thermal properties, which makes it comfortable to walk on all year round. The cushioned backing also makes it sound-absorbent, so you won’t disturb anyone with client calls.

Laminate flooring for home offices

Our impressive selection of laminate flooring at Frank’s does a great job of interpreting the highest quality good and stone finishes as authentically as possible. We have a wide range of designs available, which makes it simple to create a beautiful and practical home office.

Like vinyl flooring, laminate is also durable. Due to their extra-strong wear layer, laminate floors are scuff, scratch, and stain resistant as well as easy to clean. 

Laminate flooring is also easy to install and doesn’t require the need of a professional fitter. However, if you would prefer the help of one of our professional Frank’s fitters, we would be happy to help.

Wood flooring for home offices

Wood flooring is more expensive than vinyl or laminate, however you will be rewarded with a durable solution that will last for years.

Solid and engineered hardwood flooring is practical, strong, and comes in a wide range of stunning options. We also have available a huge variety of colours, wood grains, and textures to suit your personal preferences and home aesthetic.

Why not pop into your local Frank’s to view our fantastic range of home office flooring and discuss your needs with a member of our helpful team?

We’ll be able to work out a price to meet your needs and budget, we won’t be beaten on price!

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