Winter is a difficult time for homeowners up and down the UK as it presents many unique challenges. Even through the harshest winters, artificial grass showcases superior resilience and demonstrates many advantages compared to natural grass.

Even some of the best quality natural turf will experience damage to grass blades and show dead patches during winter conditions. From limited sunlight and declining temperature to harsh frost, these elements can quickly begin to take their toll on your lawn.

Eventually your lawn will start to look patchy, drab and unsightly. That’s why at Frank’s we recommend artificial turf instead of natural grass. Read on to explore just some of the many advantages you as a homeowner can appreciate with artificial grass.

Why artificial grass?

The beauty of artificial grass is that it remains looking green and vibrant even when the weather is gloomy. Manufactured from robust materials, it can hold up exceptionally well in winter conditions and requires virtually no maintenance.

This means less time spent out in the cold maintaining law when you would prefer to be inside enjoying a hot chocolate!

No more dead patches of grass

Natural grass owners will experience the winter skills, when dead patches of grass occur over the coldest season of the year. As a result, they can take months to naturally fill in again!

In some cases, you may need to reseed the attacked areas completely or an entirely new turf may even need to be laid. Whereas artificial grass is far more durable and created by experts to withstand harsh climates while maintaining its beautiful colour and lush texture.

Resilience to snow and rain

Lawn suffers severe stress during the winter months and when the temperature drops, compacted snow and freezing rain and sleet cause damage or sometimes kill the grass entirely.

By the time spring finally arrives, many homeowners will find their lawn looking bleak. At Frank’s, our artificial lawns have been designed to cope with rain, sleet and snow. 

The expertly engineered grass fibres and permeable underlays allow rainwater and melted snow to seep safely through to the ground below which preserves the lawn’s condition and beautiful aesthetic.

Artificial grass makes for a safe and clean garden

Homes with children or pets will especially benefit from artificial grass over winter. When snow and sleet melt natural grass can become muddy underneath and can result in pets and children playing outdoors trampling mud inside the home.

With artificial lawn outside, walking and playing with your dog is made so much easier and mess-free. Ready to use year-round and easy to maintain, artificial turf is exceptionally suited to pet lovers.

Another huge benefit of artificial lawn is that it can filter out excessive moisture and make a safer environment for children to play on. Whereas natural grass can become slippery and unsafe when wet.

So, pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect artificial grass for your home.

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