When it comes to high traffic areas in the home, it’s safe to say that many of us spend a lot of time on the stairs travelling from one level to another. Some staircases in homes are made from only wood but there are so many reasons you should choose carpet. 

As you may already know, at Frank’s we love carpet. So much so that we stock over 40,000 rolls of the good stuff! Carpets have so many benefits for your home and lifestyle to match, so there’s no doubt about its suitability for staircases. 


We’ve already mentioned that staircases are high footfall areas in the home and if made just from wood, they will start to show signs of wear and tear eventually. By installing carpet you can protect your stairs from scratches, dents, chips and marks.

If you want to protect the appearance of the wood grain, consider using carpet as a runner in the middle of the stairs and keep the sides exposed. This is a traditional look that has recently made a reappearance in modern homes, so this trend is here to stay for a while! 

Carpet reduces noise

Firm surfaces on stairs amplify and reflect sound. So, when the kids come bounding downstairs for their evening meal you are bound to hear it! 

Carpet on the stairs absorbs and dampens sound, so if there’s anybody in your household sneaking around for a midnight snack you certainly won’t hear it… 

It increases safety

Carpeted stairs are not only less noisy but also considerably safer.  They provide a soft surface that prevents the risk of slipping and will cushion any falls to reduce the risk of any serious injuries. 

It is comfortable

Compared to bare wood, carpet feels cosy, soft and much more comfortable underfoot. To guarantee maximum comfort we recommend using a thick, soft and high-quality underlay. 

Carpet is also stylish 

At Frank’s we have an extensive range in stock to choose from. Available in a wide selection of colours, patterns and pile types we promise to have the perfect carpet to personalise your staircase. 

Keep it modern and timeless with grey or a bold pattern adds a visual statement to a staircase effortlessly. 

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect carpet  for your staircase.

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