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Real Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is a timeless flooring option, creating a neutral base for your chosen colour scheme and giving you the freedom to change rugs, soft furnishings and paintwork as often as you like. Perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, halls and bedrooms, wood flooring is naturally stylish and incredibly durable. It will last for many years even in high traffic areas.

Solid wood flooring is available in a variety of thicknesses and each board is 100% timber cut out whole from the trunk. The timber is artificially dried, cut and planed to the desired dimensions in width and length. The board edges are precision milled with tongue and groove construction so that each piece locks firmly into place.

Engineered wood flooring is still solid hardwood but is an industrially, finished surface-treated floor element made of wood or a combination of wooden materials. At least two or three layers are made up from various woods or different grades of the same wood. These are stacked at 90deg angles and glued together under heat and pressure to create a laminated construction in which the three layers counteract each other’s natural movements.

Wood flooring ages gracefully, and the signs of wear and tear can actually add more character to the flooring. It is a low maintenance option, which will look fantastic with regular sweeping with a soft brush or vacuuming. Mopping the floor once a week with a well-wrung mop will keep it clean.

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