Tis (nearly) the season… Floor-la-la-la-la!

Christmas is a time to be cosy, wrapped up in big jumpers, sipping warm, spicy mulled wine and enjoying the festivities in a comforting environment that you can really relax in… at least, until the next thing needs to go into the oven!

With so much going on in the weeks running up to Christmas, it really is best to plan in advance and schedule in any home improvements as early as possible. When it comes to flooring, it’s best to book in an appointment for fitting as early as you can so you can get used to your new floors and prepare everything else ready for your party plans.

Different types of floors work for different types of plans, so choose yours wisely using our guide below!

Drinks party: Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is durable, versatile and very practical. It’s wipe-clean and really easy to maintain so works well for gatherings where things might get messy or there’s a risk of spillages. It also won’t scuff or stain so you need not insist that all guests remove their footwear before coming in.

Lots of cooking: Vinyl Flooring

Perfect for the kitchen, vinyl flooring is hard-wearing but easy to clean. It can still look tip-top and imitate stone, hard-wood or slate for a professional kitchen look. Vinyl is also noise-reducing so however much chaos you’re having when cooking the Christmas lunch, no one needs to know you broke a sweat.

Comfy Christmas: Carpets

The cosiest flooring for Christmas get togethers, sitting around and opening presents is carpets. Keeping you warm, filtering air and providing a soft cushion for bums sitting around, a fluffy carpet makes for the perfect floor for a busy living area. Make sure your guests take their shoes off at the door though!

Dinner Party: Real Wood

Real wood flooring looks stunning, and can’t be beaten in terms of a genuine, sleek finish. It can be treated with specialist products for a ‘top-up’ clean and to keep as hard-wearing as possible. Real wood floors will give a sophisticated look like none other and will make an impressive impression on those you’re entertaining, as well as a talking point!

Whatever your plans are for the festive season, complement them with the perfect home interiors expertly fitted by our installation team. Even if you’re still at the stage of researching and gathering information, call into Franks The Flooring Store. Our friendly team will be happy to give advice based on your plans and your home!

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