Finally – the winter season isn’t all that far away at all! Now that we can celebrate good times with our loved ones why not do it in style? Let’s talk winter flooring trends and how you can make your home feel cosy and inviting for your guests whatever the occasion. From warm-toned carpets and neutral options to oak wood floors complemented by country-house accents to stylish rugs… Frank’s are here to help you make the right decision!

The best thing about our carpets is that they are comfy, so even if you run out of sofa spaces or dining chairs your guests are catered for with a cushioned feel if they have to make-do with a floor seat.

Deep plum and berry tones or warm, rich reds work particularly well and add an instantly cosy feel to any room, plus when paired with subtle hints of gold throughout any room it makes for a royally perfect colour scheme.  

If you consider yourself more of a minimalist, something completely plain and neutral works as a more permanent option and provides a blank canvas for you to enhance as you go.  With neutral, it means there are so many ways to add colour and texture throughout with barely any limitations.

Dark grey is a practical, modern option that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Combined with subtle hints of forest green or mustard yellow, it’s a  fresh look that looks effortlessly tidy. 

In a family home, spillages and unpredictable accidents come part and parcel; that’s when we’d recommend hard-wood flooring or laminate. Oakwood flooring has a homely feel that is undeniable, especially when completed by a roaring wood burner in a living room, an all decked-out Christmas tree in the corner, a shabby-chic rug, and a mug of festive hot chocolate resting on the coffee table.

Cool-toned laminate always manages to work its magic at providing a new-house feel and even better, leaves the door open for you to experiment with virtually any colour. 

Alternatively, if you only want to spend a little but achieve a lot then our brilliant collection of rugs are perfect. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes but can transform an entire room without the big job of having to replace carpets or flooring.

An oriental-inspired pattern might just be exactly what you need for a subtle hint of ‘extra something’. If you’re working to bring a particular room to life that has an ordinary colour palette then why not go all-out with a bold, colourful striped design? A piece like this can work wonders to transform a room lacking character or warmth.  

So, come on! Pop down to your local Frank’s to take the time to experience our amazing selection of carpets, and get your fingers between our fluff. Or come and knock on our hardwood floors, you’re sure to be impressed! Find your local store here we can’t wait to see you!

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