When autumn rolls around and the cooler weather starts to take its toll, it’s not uncommon for us to start neglecting our gardens. Spending spring and summer outside is a given but when the rain and cold hits, spending time inside seems more appealing.

If left without care, properties with natural grass can run into trouble when the seasons start to change. With fallen leaves and debris blowing in the wind, gardens can quickly become unsightly and muddy areas can be a safety and hygiene issue.

However there is an answer to all of this. At Frank’s we offer the most impressive range of artificial grass; perfect for when autumn arrives. 

Artificial turf allows you and your guests to enjoy the garden for even longer throughout the year and provides a polished look. Let’s find out more!

Resistant to damage caused by rain 

In the autumn and winter months, natural grass can become chaotic if you have children or pets, especially when your lawn becomes muddy and waterlogged. Kids and animals are constantly dragging dirt indoors and traipsing it across clean carpets and flooring but this can all be avoided by installing artificial grass. 

All of our options for artificial turf have a permeable membrane designed to filter water away from the surface of your lawn to ensure it can’t pool. Due to the earth below being covered completely, children and pets can never reach the mud and cause a mess.

Artificial grass is also ideal to allow your pets out in the garden if they need the toilet in all weather conditions. Pet mess is very easy to clean from artificial grass and doesn’t harm it the same as natural grass. 

Artificial grass is easy to care for

Natural grass requires reseeding, mowing and weeding while artificial turf is extremely low maintenance. 

From time to time you may need to sweep it to remove any leaves and unwanted debris blown in by autumn winds. Should any spills occur from food and drink, simply hose the grass down and it will look brand new.

Green and soft year-round

Over the years, artificial grass has come a long way from what it used to be. At Frank’s, our artificial turf is designed to mimic the real deal and give the appearance of a healthy summer lawn all year round. 

The authentic appearance of artificial lawn is never impacted by the weather, whether it be sun or rain, and if cared for properly will continue to provide a beautiful aesthetic for years.

Unlike natural grass, which can become discoloured by sunlight, artificial turf is commonly treated with UV protection to avoid this.

So, it’s safe to say that there are many reasons why artificial lawn makes for a fantastic lawn solution during the autumn months. With a life expectancy of roughly 15 years, you are guaranteed a generous return on investment.

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the artificial grass for your garden.

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