What is LVT?

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tiling is a practical flooring option for achieving the look of stone, marble or wood without the cost, or the worry of chips or scratches from the everyday wear and tear of a family home.

Unlike normal vinyl, flooring LVT comes as individual tiles, which means making the look you want even easier to pull together. It’s really versatile, hard-wearing, and slip-resistant, making it great for floors that take a lot of stick, including bathrooms, kitchens and passages.

Made up of eight different layers of material, including polyurethane and fibreglass, the tiles are durable, water-resistant and cosy…You will literally have a spring in your step every time you walk on it.

Isn’t LVT a 70’s throwback?

Unlike the avocado, LVT is not just a 70’s trend that’s enjoying a second time in the limelight. Modern LVT is a whole new product, from the variety of looks available to how easy it is to maintain to how simple it is to fit.

We dare you to come in-store and experience the LVT difference for yourself, you won’t believe the difference.

Amazing style, family-proofed

We all love making our houses look great, and everyone has a different style that suits them, but add kids into the mix and you need to compromise – after all a stylish stone floor is just scraped knees and food stains waiting to happen!

LVT gives you the best of both worlds, allowing you to transform your floor into any style that takes your fancy, but with the reassurance that everything is family-friendly, from being easy to wash should a spill occur, to feeling soft underfoot, meaning no nasty bruises for an unsteady toddler taking their first steps!

To find out about the new generation of LVT, and to discover the style that’s perfect for your home, come and visit your local Frank’s store and remember – it’s impossible to buy flooring for less!

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