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If like millions of people in the UK, your outdoor space is limited to a small, concrete back yard, you might think that a lovely green garden is out of the question. Well, we’re here to tell you that it isn’t! You may be missing a trick because with artificial grass you can transform your unloved yard area into a gorgeous Yarden.

Pet Friendly

Artificial grass is permeable so urine drains through the turf surface and any mess can be easily removed, leaving behind a fresh, undamaged lawn. You won’t see any muddy patches on your artificial grass, nor will you see any muddy paw prints inside your house.

If you have pets who love to tear around artificial grass is the perfect solution. They will also love the feel of our soft artificial grass under their paws.

Child Friendly

Kids always want to play outside and with artificial grass, they will be able to play out whenever they like, whatever the weather, without getting dirty and muddy. No more muddy footprints on that newly fitted carpet!

You don’t have to mow it!

The low maintenance aspect of artificial grass is one of the many perks. Imagine – no more, feeding, weeding or mowing! With an artificial lawn, you’ll have more time to spend enjoying your outdoor space instead of being shackled to your lawnmower. You can just sit back and enjoy your garden.

Looks great no matter the season

Your Yarden will look great all year round with no parched yellow grass in the summer and no winter mud bath – just a perfect lawn. At Frank’s, we have over 40 types of artificial grass in store for you to choose from. Our luxury 40mm grass has the lush shaggy look of a real lawn or, you may want a shorter type to create your very own putting area to polish those golfing skills!

Find your local Frank’s today.


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