When it comes to decorating your home, there are many rooms in the house to consider, and of course, you want them all to look amazing. There’s the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, garage, and utility room – of course! But, how many of us remember that we have a landing area that needs to look good too? 

It’s often a forgotten-about space, but if you think about it, you actually pass through your landing space a lot to access essential rooms like the bedrooms, bathrooms, and toilets. So, don’t neglect it! We know all the best ways to transform your landing area, so it’s guaranteed to look as beautiful as the rest of your home sweet home. 

Choosing the best carpet

For your landing staircase, we personally think the best option is carpet. Hardwood flooring can be slippy when wearing socks or slippers, and if you’re running upstairs, it can sometimes be hazardous. Carpet is homely, cosy, and perfectly quiet if you need to sneak downstairs for a glass of water or even a midnight snack! At Frank’s, we have the best choice of carpet at the best prices.

Grey carpet never goes out of fashion, particularly thick, fluffy grey carpet like this one. Grey is a neutral shade that pairs well with practically any other colour and texture, so you’re never going to be limited with decor options.

Look how well it even works with the brown banister and skirting boards in this picture. Not necessarily everybody’s first thought, but it actually looks great!

Another option for carpeting your staircase could look like this. There is still some hardwood flooring exposed, which adds texture to your space, but the carpet is gentle on your feet and comfy to walk on. In a sense, you’re getting the best of both worlds when you choose a carpet runner. 

We think the combination of white, grey, and navy blue of this landing staircase is exceptionally eye-catching and opens the space up to feel like a bigger and better part of the house.

Creating a living space

Landings are generally too small to make anything magnificent. However, sometimes there is enough room to create some sort of inviting living space. 

Why not design a cosy reading corner? Choose a comfy armchair or stool, floor-standing lamp, and side table to place a few good reads on, and… voila! Alternatively, suppose your landing is big enough. In that case, you could even style an intimate working area with a small desk set-up.

We really love the minimalist utilisation of this landing space. There is somewhere comfy to sit, and the area has been made use of with some handy storage. After all, a house can never have enough storage space.

Adding a personal touch

Flooring and furniture are just scratching the surface when it comes to interior design. The decorations and quirky accessories really bring a room to life and give it its own individuality. 

Mirrors are a great addition to a landing because not only do they serve a purpose, they also open up a room and give some attention to your wall space. 

Radiators can be ghastly-looking things, so why not cover them up? Radiator covers also create surface space for homely additions, such as candles, flowers and picture frames. 

Finally, floor plants add a vibrant pop of colour and bring a fresh, botanical feel to any room. Whether you choose a leafy plant or a bright-coloured bouquet, it’s sure to transform your space into something special. 

Come on, pop down to Frank’s today and let’s get your landing looking lavish!

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