Replacing old flooring or installing new is a time consuming job; one with results that you hope will last for years to come. Therefore choosing durable floor that is a good match for your home is vital in the initial stages.

If you have children or pets, it goes without saying that you will need to choose durable floors that can withstand regular footfall and wear and tear. Even if you live on your own, it’s good to have flooring that can deal with frequent scratches and accidents in the home. 

Here are some of the most durable options to suit your lifestyle.


While many other products can be described as ‘resilient’, vinyl flooring certainly does fit this description perfectly. Vinyl has been around for many years but has improved considerably; now offering more advantages than ever.

This classic flooring product is 100% moisture resistant and engineered to last for years and years. If resilience is your top priority, then sheet vinyl is your best bet. However vinyl that mimics planks and tiles follow closely in terms of resilience.

Many vinyl types mimic other flooring designs, so if you’re looking for durable flooring that is relatively easy to install, looks good and has an attractive point; pop down to your local Frank’s and check out the vinyl we have on offer. 


As manufacturers continue to improve the wear layer and base of laminate, it is becoming increasingly durable. The top layer of laminate is extremely resistant to scratches caused by furniture and pets and can hold up against traffic.

Despite the abrasion resistance of laminate, it will not withstand moisture caused by leaks or spills. Therefore we would not recommend installing this type of flooring in the kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. For high moisture environments it is possible to purchase waterproof laminate.

Hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood is one of the most durable materials because it can be restored to practically perfect condition. All wood flooring is susceptible to scratches and marks, however often this only adds to the character and complements the natural features.

However, should your wood floors become scratched they can be deeply sanded to bring them back to their natural appearance. Then, they can be stained and sealed again to look brand new. 

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect durable flooring for your home.

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