Sometimes our homes don’t always feel as big and spacious as we might like them to. If you’re struggling with a living room that is small, there are ways you can make the available space feel bigger and more liveable.

At Frank’s, we know all the flooring tips and tricks there are to help you make your living room feel more spacious and appealing for everyday living and when you are ready to host guests.

Naturally, a room that is light and airy will feel much bigger than a room that is cramped, cluttered and dimly-lit. Therefore before getting started with any redecoration of your space, it might be a good idea to have a clear out and choose space-saving storage options.

Shop for stools that double as storage boxes and maybe even choose a coffee table with drawers so you can store accumulated clutter away like remotes, magazines and coasters. 

The best flooring for spacious living 

This process is made easier by having the knowledge that almost any type of flooring can be used to achieve a spacious, airy look. However, the trick is to choose wisely and opt for colours that are light and bright in carpet, laminate or vinyl flooring. 

At Frank’s, we recommend trying cool greys and luxurious creams and ivories in your space to give it an open feel. 

Laminate flooring and vinyl that is light in colour works exceptionally well at opening up living spaces. Plus, if you run the same flooring seamlessly from the living room into the kitchen and hallway it will create a bigger, open plan effect. 

Choosing a colour palette 

There are a host of colour palettes that work well to create spacious living areas. 

You could follow the neutral route from pure white to cream to sand and biscuit-coloured tones. Or if you feel like adding a bit more colour appeal then dusky pinks and baby blues work well at adding an extra ‘something’ while still being neutral. 

Pale wood tones also help create a feeling of spaciousness in a living room, especially when paired with neutral walls and furnishings. Create a sophisticated finish in no time and if desired, add some occasional vibrant elements for a dramatic effect.

Furniture and accessories

Pick out the light colours in furniture and accessories you have in the room and hang a mirror opposite a window to help reflect the light and make the room feel larger. This helpful trick is particularly helpful when the dark nights start creeping in!

Replace any chunky wooden furniture that is bulky and takes up space with glass or chrome choices instead. Furniture with straight lines and streamlined angles helps to create a minimal effect that is essential for making a space seem larger. 

So, pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your living room.

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