Carpet Store Clearance’s – Genuine Bargains or Generic Buys?

Some big-name flooring retailers have had a difficult time in the past few months which have been well-documented in the press and that has resulted in big sales and crazy discounts.

It is easy to be drawn in by shops advertising sales, as retailers have a range of clever psychological tricks to entice and encourage consumers to enter; followed by further methods to push you in the direction of a purchase once in-store. Emotive language such as ‘slashed prices’ and ‘everything must go’ combined with bright and eye-catching signage draw you in and make you feel like you’re really getting a bargain… but are you?

When you see the promise of hefty discounts and promotional offers, all may not be as it seems. Although there may be what appears to be a vast discount applied to prices, this, in reality, will have little impact on the profit margin the business makes – and is by no means the best price they could offer you. They’re still making good money on top, and there’s still wiggle room for negotiation. Yes, that’s business, but don’t you want to get the best possible deal you can?

A better price or free flooring…

Here at Frank’s The Flooring Store, we do things a little differently. We genuinely care about our customers and the difference a new floor can make to their life and their home, so our prices are unbeatable all year-round. We encourage you to shop the sales to ensure you find a price you’re happy with… and then bring your quote to us!

Frank’s guarantees to beat all quotes on like-for-like flooring from any floor covering retailer, and if we can’t beat the quote, we’ll give you the flooring free! We actively encourage customers to make informed and smart buying decisions and to challenge us on our price promise. That’s why it’s impossible to buy flooring for less anywhere: we offer a better price or free flooring – 100% guaranteed!

Find your local Frank’s today.


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