Summer is finally on the way, and after the last 12 months, it cannot come quick enough. We cannot wait for the sunshine to be out, and we can swap trousers for shorts and Sunday dinners for BBQs!

With summer hot on our heels, we’ve had a quick think – what jobs do you need to do so you have a banging garden, perfect for parties in the sun?

Clean The BBQ

There’s nothing worse than getting the feeling for a BBQ and getting it out of the shed to find out it needs a little TLC, and you spend the next hour or two cleaning it down.

Even worse, how about getting the BBQ out to find out it has dreaded rust and is only good to the scrappy? Make sure, before the sun really starts to shine, that your BBQ is ready to grill!

Weed The Plants

Winter was here… and with the winter months comes a time when you’ve not given your garden the love it deserves. Your garden could look like a scene out of Jumani, so get the weed killer out and a set of secateurs for a pruning session!

Power Wash The Patio

You want somewhere to grill or set the deck chairs out on, don’t you? If your patio needs a little TLC, we would advise you to get the power washer out and give it the once over. Twice if you feel extra motivated! Don’t forget to get the wire brush out to get in between the tiles!

Cut The Grass

By now, your grass should need a good cut. If not, you might have a jungle out the back! Get the mower out and give your lawn a once over. Don’t forget to reseed in patchy places.

Install Artificial Grass

If the thought of getting the mower out every week and watering the grass isn’t something you want to think about – then maybe it is time to get artificial grass installed? Artificial grass is not only stunning on the eyes, but it is also easy to maintain. No mowing, no watering, nothing!

Just think, that time you spent mowing the garden every week could be spent on the sun lounger with a beer in your hand! Even better – artificial grass is pet friendly – so your pets can play on it without fear of getting any unwanted nasties or dirt on them.

Suppose you are thinking about having artificial grass installed. Why not pop into your local Frank’s to view our fantastic range of artificial grass and discuss your needs with a member of our grass gurus? We’ll be able to work out a price to meet your needs and budget, we won’t be beaten on price, if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, fitted, we’ll give you the grass for free!

So what are you waiting for? Use our store finder to find your local Frank’s and opening times. Scribble down your measurements and head to your local store. You won’t be disappointed with the selection or price!

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