Since March 2020, many business professionals have enjoyed the advantages of working from home. We have all been spending more time than ever in our homes over the last few years, so creating a home office to help us get the job done has been essential!

From being able to spend more time with the family to reduced travel time, more and more people have come to appreciate the benefits of remote working circumstances.

However, with homeowners continuing their career from their own environment it has made many realise that their home isn’t set up adequately for it. 

Whether it’s a spare room, outbuilding or extension you’ve chosen to have your home office, at Frank’s we can recommend the perfect flooring type for remote working situations. Read on to find out why LVT is ideal for your home office.

LVT is highly durable

Investing in a home office environment doesn’t have to be costly with our affordable and hard wearing LVT flooring. If you are worried about wheels on your desk chair damaging flooring, vinyl tiles are the perfect solution.

Due to being so robust, you won’t end up with an unsightly office floor covered in scratches and scuffs with LVT flooring.

It has a stylish aesthetic 

LVT has the capability to resemble natural materials such as wood and stone to give you a stylish office space at more affordable prices than the actual materials. We also have a range of colours and patterns to suit your existing decor, or can be tailored to suit your taste.

Vinyl tiles can be purchased in many different shapes and sizes, which can be useful for smaller offices and can help add a sense of space to create a more productive working environment.

LVT is low maintenance

A clean and tidy workspace can ultimately make us more productive and able to focus on work more efficiently. LVT is easy to care for, with only a light cleaning routine necessary.

Daily sweeping and light vacuuming is only necessary to keep the tiles dust free. If you do happen to spill your coffee or an office snack, a damp cloth or mop will do the trick of cleaning up the mess.

LVT is practical

LVT also has many practical attributes that make it suitable for a home office. Its cushioned layer combined with a high quality underlay can be very effective at softening noise. 

This means that if you are engaging in an online video conference call, you can keep work life separate from home due to reduced noise impact. This means more privacy for you and your job and less disruption to your family.

All in all, luxury vinyl tiles offer an office flooring solution that is robust and easy to take care of, while creating a stylish yet practical space for you to work.

At Frank’s we have an impressive choice of LVT to choose from, so you can rest assured that if you wish to create a modern home office or a traditional, timeless working area that we have the vinyl tiles to suit your preferences.

So, pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect LVT flooring for your home!

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