Congratulations! You have a beautiful new carpet from Frank’s The Flooring Store in your home! Now just how do you look after your carpet to keep it looking as good as the day it was fitted? Carpet is something that is subject to everyday wear, but there are some things you can do to keep it looking tip-top.


High heels or animal claws can cause loose ends, otherwise known as “sprouts”, to extend above the rest of the pile. Whatever you do, don’t pull them out! Trim them off to the same height as the pile itself. After trimming, smooth the area over with your fingers.

Pile Crushing

Carpet fibres can crush under heavy, stationary loads, such as coffee tables and shelving units. By moving your furniture regularly, you can reduce the effects and the area can usually be restored by covering with a damp, clean white cloth and then carefully applying heat to the cloth with an electric iron on a low setting. You can then restore the pile while it is still hot by brushing it lightly. Be sure to keep traffic off the carpet until it is dry.


Carpets in high traffic areas may appear lighter or darker than other areas, but don’t worry. Shading is caused by the change in direction of the pile due to pressure from footsteps or vacuuming. Brushing the pile all in one direction can correct this.

Enjoy your new flooring!

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