We’ve recently mentioned that over the past 6 months or so, your house could have had record-breaking levels of footfall. What happens to your carpets with all this additional footfall? Well, in extreme cases extra wear and tear can mean the death of a carpet, but in the majority of cases, it just means that your carpets will need a good clean or will need a rug to cover up any marks or wear and tear.

The second option, we can’t fault you for picking out a stylish rug to cover up any wear marks or spills. We have a wide range of rugs in-store in a variety of styles and sizes, so from a rug point of view, we have you covered with prices that CANNOT be beaten.

But, two words we aren’t very fond of at Frank’s… Carpet Cleaning.

Don’t get us wrong, sometimes cleaning is the only option available to you but let’s have a quick think about it.

Unless you’ve got a mate or a family member who has a carpet cleaner, you are going to have to buy one or at least hire one. If you buy one, you’re probably going to get one that will do a “so so” job, it’s not going to be one that the professionals use so you’re only going to get an “it’ll do” job from it. When you buy one, once you have used it, what are you going to do with it? Be honest… it is going straight in the shed with the exercise bike that you promised yourself you would use every day.

What we are trying to say is, it is wasted money. Why try to fix something when for a few quid extra you could have a brand new carpet installed by the cracking team of fitters from Frank’s.

Even better, we can’t be beaten on price, so even if you have a tight budget, we can make sure you get a new carpet down as quickly as possible.

Let’s quickly jump back to the carpet cleaner itself. Some carpet cleaning machines use chemicals that actually harm your carpet even more, putting your carpet in a worse state than what it was in before you started! It simply takes the carpet away from the backing, causing your carpet to look wavy and overstretched. In the trade, this is known as delamination.

Basically, when you clean your carpet, it will look nice and clean, and you will feel pleased with yourself. But what you’ve actually just done is left chemical particles on your carpet which will attract fresh dirt and muck! Not exactly the clean start you wanted. If you have any wool content within your carpet, you’ll be left with that wet dog smell for weeks until it is completely dry!

You’re going to be back where you started in a few weeks getting the cleaner out again, adding more chemicals to your carpet, going round and round… It’s just not worth the hassle. You’re much better off biting the bullet and buying a nice new carpet from Frank’s.

We know that times are tough. But don’t forget – at Frank’s not only do we have the largest selection of carpets and remnants in a wide range of colours and styles, but we also have the best prices going. If you think you have a better price from someone else, bring it in, and we’ll beat it!

Whether you’re looking for carpet, hardwood, vinyl or laminate visit your local Frank’s to get the best deal possible.

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