What are the benefits of artificial grass?

With no mess, no weeds and no mud, artificial grass has so many great benefits, it’s pet-friendly too! Best of all, Frank’s has a wide selection to choose from. From 4mm to 42mm it’s impossible to buy grass for less anywhere.

Are you ready to make mowing that grass a thing of the past?

Get a green, green lawn that lasts and lasts! No more weekends spent arguing over who’s going to cut the grass and whose turn it is to edge it – and no more worrying about those pesky yellow patches messing up your garden’s look…In fact, no worrying about mess or discolouration at all! Just a great lawn to enjoy with all your friends and family this summer, autumn, winter and spring. All the fun, none of the fuss!

Get a yarden all your own

Love your home, but sick of being stuck with a yard and not the garden you always wanted? Let the North East’s most famous flooring store sort you out with a quote of your very own ‘yarden’ (a yard which has been transformed to a garden through artificial grass) for less than you think.

In most cases, the yarden transformation is achieved in just three easy steps:

  1. Level with sand
  2. Roll out the grass of your choice
  3. Trim the edges


Our professional fitters can take care of everything, you just need to decide which of our 30 styles to choose from. It’s impossible to buy grass for less anywhere!

Five top reasons to choose artificial grass

1. Enjoy a great looking garden all year round

2. Fun for the family to use, from practising football to bouncing on a trampoline to barbeques galore

3. Safe for pets and mess-free

4. Easy to clean – a simple brush is usually all that is needed

5. Save over the long-term – time, water and energy compared to real grass


If you’re looking to recreate that fresh-cut lawn, look for a 30mm length

Find your local Frank’s today.


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