On entering any home, a hallway makes that all-important first impression. From the moment you open the front door, the first thing you and your guests see is the hallway stairs and decor aesthetic; so it’s important to create a welcoming space. 

How your hallway looks can really influence the way you feel about your home as a whole. As well as the right tone of paint or style of wallpaper, choosing the right flooring helps create an inviting area that will impress guests instantly. 

As well as this, cutting down on clutter and finding practical storage solutions can form an entirely new dynamic for your space. Well thought out decor and space-saving ideas are what really make a hallway a desirable part of your home.

It is definitely worth investing in this area of your home and spending more time to make it perfect. Here are some ideas: 

Choose the right flooring

Hallways, stairs and landings are high traffic areas in the home where a lot of footfall typically occurs. Therefore, hard wearing flooring is essential to ensure your space stands the test of time. 

With this area of the home being one of the most used, carpet is often a desired flooring choice for a softer, more comfortable feeling underfoot. Carpet is also a great insulator and offers the benefit of more grip to combat slips, trips, and falls. 

Additionally, sound absorbs much easier with carpet compared to hardwood flooring or laminate. 

If your hallway is a wide open space, why not consider a subtle striped carpet to catch the eye of your guests? At Frank’s, we have an impressive range of striped carpet to transform your hallway from bland to brilliant. Pop down to your local store and take a look! 

As another option, a medium-toned grey carpet is always a great go-to for a pop of style. Team with cream or white woodwork to keep the aesthetic clean and sophisticated.

Don’t forget about the hallway walls

A paint colour or wallpaper print that might typically be too loud for other rooms in the home may be the perfect fit for the hallway to give a bold and bright entry for guests. 

If you prefer the idea of choosing more neutral paints and wallpapers, brighten up the walls a different way by hanging colourful art or graphic prints on the walls. White or cream-coloured walls have the ability to brighten up a space to make it feel bigger and more airy. 

Think practically

If you are worried about muddy footprints or dirty paw marks appearing at your carpet entrance, consider an easy-clean polyester or polypropylene carpet. 

These types of carpet can help speed up the process of removing stains and stubborn marks. Come visit us at your local Frank’s to check out our selection of easy-clean carpet.

If you are concerned about dirt accumulating and spoiling your hallway aesthetic, consider placing a doormat down or a roll-out carpet protector. 

Get rid of the mess in your hallway

Banish boots, brollies, and coats from building up behind the front door and pop them in under-stair cupboards, the utility room, or upstairs wardrobes instead. 

So, pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your bathroom.

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