Brrrr… It’s still a bit crisp outside! Therefore, we’re pretty sure that all you want to do after a day’s work is return to your warm and comfortable living room. If home is feeling chilly this winter, we know all the best ways to turn it from cold to cosy in no time.

During the months of the year, it’s important to create a living space that oozes warmth and comfort for when the frosty winter nights are at their peak. 

There are lots of ways to create a toasty living room without cranking up the heating and ending up with a massive bill. With some clever decor choices and practical solutions, you’ll be feeling relaxed in no time!

Add cosy textiles

It’s no secret that blankets and pillows easily soften a living space and bring in warmth effortlessly. Drape cosy knitted blankets across your sofa and intersperse a few pillows to give your space a comfortable feel that is inviting for all.

Invest in wood flooring for your living room

Wood has an extremely warm feel to it and can make your living room feel like a cosy cabin. 

At Frank’s, we have a wide range of hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring to transform your space into a comfy paradise. At your local store, we have a huge variety of finishes, from rich tones to cooler ones, whatever your preference.

Bring in the candles

Not all modern homes can accommodate a fireplace these days, even though fire might seem like an obvious option to warm your living room up. 

Instead, a candle or two on the coffee table is an effective way to add extra warmth without feeling like the place is too hot.

Decorate your living room with warm tones

Using colours that are rich will add instant cosiness to your living room. 

Neutral tones can be accented by brighter colours if you enjoy that kind of aesthetic and look amazing when paired with a natural material like wood.

Create soft lighting

To create a soft and relaxing vibe for your living room that feels inviting, choose lighting methods such as hidden ceiling lights or use lampshades. 

This approach is far less harsh than using hanging bare bulbs or track lighting.

Hang wall art 

Help to make your room feel less empty and more warm by adding art to your walls. Bare walls can make a room feel cold and unapproachable but by interspersing art to your space you can bring colour and cosy vibes. 

Discover a wide range of high quality flooring solutions at your local Frank’s. Pop down to your nearby store and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring to transform your home.

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