What’s great about vinyl flooring is how fuss-free and low maintenance it is. However, there are still a few good things to know about vinyl to keep it looking amazing. 

At Frank’s, we know all there is to know about vinyl flooring. Our vinyl care guide is filled with expert advice on how to ensure it looks the best it can at all times.


✅ Sweep and vacuum regularly 

✅ Wipe your floor once a week

✅ Wear soft soled shoes

✅ Place door mats and rugs by doors

✅ Lift or wheel furniture when you need to move it


❌ Steam clean vinyl flooring

❌ Leave puddles to absorb

❌ Use abrasive cleaning materials

❌ Use furniture polish

❌ Drag or pull furniture across vinyl

How to clean vinyl flooring

Keeping vinyl clean and maintained is pretty hassle-free as far as flooring is concerned. It only requires a small amount of upkeep and we’re about to tell you exactly what you need to do to keep your vinyl pristine and looking great. 

  • Vacuum loose dust, debris, and dirt regularly, or use a soft brush to remove it.
  • Due to vinyl flooring being non-absorbent, liquids will sit on the surface until removed. If left for long periods of time this can damage your vinyl and present a slip hazard. Wipe spillages straight away and use a mop or damp cloth to wash the surface. Be sure to let the flooring dry out completely before walking on it again.
  • When it comes to removing stains, a light soap and warm water is usually enough. If you have a particularly stubborn stain, try using bicarbonate of soda.

Which cleaning products to use on vinyl 

  • Always check the label on cleaning products before using them on vinyl flooring. 
  • Ensure the cleaning products you use in a family home are pet and child friendly and choose natural ingredients wherever possible.
  • Never use abrasive scourers on the surface of vinyl because this may cause irreversible damage. 

How to maintain vinyl flooring

As we’ve said, vinyl is pretty low maintenance but we still have some useful advice on how to maintain your flooring. 

  • Keep sharp objects away from the surface of vinyl and avoid sliding or dragging anything across it. Clean up dirt and debris regularly to avoid potential damage.
  • Make sure that all furniture legs are smooth and won’t cause marks to your vinyl. If your furniture does have any narrow glides, cover them with smooth protectors to prevent your vinyl getting damaged when it comes to moving furniture.
  • Never pull, push or drag furniture that is heavy across vinyl because this can lead to scratching and damage of the surface. Lift or wheel tables and chairs or sofas to prevent scuffing and other marks occurring.
  • When vinyl flooring comes into contact with rubber for long periods of time, a chemical reaction can leave a yellow stain at the point of contact which is permanent. Common household items such as rubber backed mats, pram wheels, and shoe soles should not be left standing on vinyl for a long time. 

So, pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect vinyl for your home.

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