Carpet is sometimes overlooked in a home and other features are considered more important, despite it being such a crucial element to the structure and decor of a property. 

But here at Frank’s, carpet is never overlooked because we love the stuff! We love it because it adds an instantly luxurious and comfortable feel to any room. From super-soft bedroom carpets to more practical options for hallways; we’ve got it all.

Let us tell you exactly how carpets can transform a range of living spaces to enhance the look and feel of your home.

It is extremely versatile

With so many styles, colours, patterns, sizes, and piles available; the possibilities are literally endless. You’re bound to find a carpet that is versatile enough for even the most demanding areas in your property. 

Combine different colours and styles if you wish to create flooring that is unique to you and matches your home perfectly. 

Carpet is comforting and warm

We hope you can agree that one of the best feelings on a morning is stepping out of bed onto a comfy, fluffy carpet that is warm and inviting. As opposed to laminate flooring which can sometimes feel cold, it always provides a homely, cosy feeling.

Carpet is also non-slippery, which makes the chances of falling and hurting yourself extremely low. Although, if you were to fall, the impact would be far less than that of hardwood flooring for example, because of its soft texture.

It absorbs sound

Perhaps you might fancy something to eat or drink during the night? If you want to stay on the down-low then carpet is the only answer!

Laminate and hardwood flooring makes it much easier to hear even the faintest of footsteps, whereas carpet doesn’t reflect sounds. It actually absorbs sound which minimises noise levels considerably.

It can improve indoor climate

When winter rolls around, the last thing you want to be doing is putting the heating on unnecessarily! During the colder months, carpet does a great job of insulating a room to make it feel more warm and toasty, which could reduce your energy bills as a result.

It also retains dust better than any other type of flooring, until you are ready to get the vacuum cleaner out and suck it all up. Therefore, if you have a dust allergy, carpets are a great choice for the home. 

Carpet feels and looks luxurious

Stepping into a home with carpet installed instantly gives off a luxurious feel. 

Plush grey choices are forever in style and do a great job of creating an expensive feel alongside simplistic decor and accents. In contrast, rich-coloured carpets in blue or red tones look incredibly regal and valuable.

Pop on down to your local Frank’s and we’ll help you pick out the perfect hardwood flooring for your home!

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