It’s that time again at Frank’s! When we tell you how you can achieve some of the most stylish interior looks for way less money than you might think. 

By simply exploring your options, shopping around, and choosing flooring from Frank’s (of course) you can create the most visually appealing look for your home.

This month we’re going to look at how you can transform your dining area into a modern living space with a rustic feel. Who ever thought you could combine the two? Well, let us tell you how it’s possible.

To start with, choose medium-toned laminate flooring or even hardwood flooring to instantly add a rustic vibe. To mirror the no-fuss flooring, we recommend a neutral colour scheme for the walls. White, cream, beige, and light brown are the best choices for wall paint that won’t detract from anything else you want the room to feature. 

A rug is a great feature for any room and works particularly well underneath a dining table for some extra texture and flooring protection. A chunky woven rug will work amazingly for the type of theme we are trying to achieve to match the other wooden features we will add later.

To contrast the creams, beiges, and browns of this neutral room design, now is the time to add a modern all-black dining table and chairs, complemented by an apartment window-style mirror to transform the barely-there walls. 

Once you’ve chosen all of your main features, it’s time to start thinking about accessories and accents. Wooden lanterns not only serve a purpose but are a lovely decorative feature that fits the rustic vibe perfectly. 

To neutralise the harsh black dining table a touch, try adding a soft white table cloth and decorate it with some pampas grass in a vase or a bamboo table tray.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get a start on transforming your dining room! Get yourself down to your local Frank’s today, and we’ll be happy to help you any way we can.

Product list:

  • Chunky Jute Woven Rug – Dunelm
  • Stunning Glass Black Dining Table and 4 Faux Leather Chairs – The Range
  • Apartment Window Mirror –Dunelm
  • Rattan Wide Lantern – Paperchase
  • Plain Polyester Table Cloth In White – We Love Linan
  • Bamboo Trays – No On The High Street
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