We’ve previously mentioned in one of our past blogs that during the lockdown period your home could have recorded off the chart levels of footfall. We sat down with our carpet boffins and worked out that over 5 months, you could have added another year’s worth of wear and tear to your carpet.

With the lead up to Christmas, now is the perfect time to get your carpet or flooring replaced. The kids are back at school, college or have flown the nest and are settled at uni, so now is the perfect time to get a new carpet fitted.

Why get your new carpet fitted now? Let’s have a quick look at all the extra footfall your house will have seen recently:

The Front Room

For the past 5 months, your front room has probably become a playground for the kids. Whether playing with toys, watching TV or playing computer games, the front room has become the hub for the nippers. Spilt drinks, jam, crumbs and other mishaps could have occurred over the lockdown period. Your front room became a hub for all fun and possibly messy activities!


Let’s be honest, the majority of kids aren’t very good at keeping their rooms clean and tidy. Hoovering and tidying plates and other bits and bobs aren’t top of their agendas. Maybe your teenage son’s bedroom has developed a bit of a strange smell? Or your daughter’s carpet has become a makeup palette decorated with foundation and bronzer? If so, you might find that the big kid’s bedrooms might need a new carpet fitting after a long summer inside.

The Bathroom

Accidents can happen in the bathroom. We’re not pointing any fingers, but let’s be honest, some boys don’t get the hang of aiming! Whatever flooring you have in your

bathroom could need a little bit of TLC post lockdown. While carpet isn’t the best solution for bathrooms, we have a wide selection of hardwood, LVT and vinyl flooring all at prices that cannot be beaten.

So, whether you’re looking to give the entire house a fresh look or just need to get a carpet down in the front room as a quick fix, make sure you visit your local Frank’s for a wide range of carpet at prices that cannot be beaten. Whether you’re looking for a new carpet, hardwood flooring, LVT or laminate, you’ll find it at Frank’s.

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