When it comes to small rooms in the home, there is a difference between spaces that feel cosy because of their size and spaces that feel confined and cramped. If you have a small home, we have plenty of flooring ideas to help it feel bigger and more comfortable.

Unfortunately, poor decor choices can cause a room to feel even smaller than it is. However there are ways to trick the eye to help small spaces feel open and more expansive. 

To maximise the space in smaller rooms, here are some tips from Frank’s. 

Choose airy and light flooring colours

No matter whether you choose carpet, vinyl, wood, or laminate flooring, lighter colours can give an instant illusion of more space. 

Off-white tones like cream, ivory and light tan do a great job of adding elegance to bedrooms and living rooms. If you are choosing light coloured carpet, we recommend taking care to select a high quality carpet that is stain resistant and cleans up easily. 

Light earthy tones such as blue and teal are a possibility too and will provide a more open, airy and uplifting vibe compared to darker colours. Light brown, blonde and whitewashed wood flooring can also make the most of this technique.

Opt for a gloss flooring finish 

Another effective room-expanding technique is to choose flooring with a gloss finish as opposed to a matte or flat texture. Satin and high gloss finishes have the capability to brighten up even darker coloured choices in flooring. 

Glossy floors are also generally easier to clean and keep look brand new.

Create an elongated illusion

To create the impression of a larger space, choose wood flooring because it will give an elongated illusion in your small room. When it comes to the installation of wood flooring, we recommend installing the planks with the longest dimension of the room. 

This technique creates a lengthening effect that will make your room appear larger. It’s best to favour longer, larger planks as opposed to smaller, thinner ones because this can actually make the room feel smaller. 

Avoid a cluttered look

Any element that preoccupies your vision will consequently give a room a cluttered look.

Flooring that has lots of detail, such as intricate patterns or textures, is best avoided if you have a small room. However, if a pattern is something you would like to feature then we recommend a simple geometric style with larger design elements.

As well as the advice we have mentioned, you could also consider complementing your decor with a creative use of mirrors and choose wall paint and furniture with similar colours to your flooring tone to help open up your small space.

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your home.

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