It’s no secret that flooring is a huge home investment and the living room is likely to be one of the largest rooms in the house to furnish. Therefore, choosing the right flooring is a decision you want to be 100% happy with.

When it comes to selecting your living room flooring, it’s important to consider how you use the space, the colour scheme, and how much footfall the room receives to ensure your it will stand the test of time.

Which flooring is best for a living room?

There are a number of types that could be considered best for a living room. This room is the place where most of us like to switch off and because of that carpet remains the most popular choice.

However, if your home is typically busy with children running around and pets on the loose, carpet may not be the most practical option. In this case, wooden or laminate is a good option because it is easier to maintain and more durable.

Engineered wood is particularly popular for open-plan living areas to create seamless transitions between rooms. Hard flooring can be layered with rugs to increase the cosiness of your living room and add comfort underfoot.

Alternatively, if your living room is a place of tranquillity and experiences low foot traffic, carpet is a fantastic option to add texture and warmth to your home. Carpet is also quieter underfoot and improves noise quality from room to room.

Here are some living room ideas to consider when it comes to choosing the right flooring solution for your home.

Neutral and practical

Minimalist style is perfect if your living room features already strong focal points, includes wall paint, wallpaper, or bold furniture. Plus, neutral flooring pairs well with practically any colour and are a great base to refresh your living room, should you want to start from scratch.

When choosing a flooring choice, it’s important to look for a durable and hard wearing style with high stain resistance because this is essential for high traffic areas. At Frank’s we have a huge selection of carpet, laminate, and wood flooring to makeover your living room.

Plush carpet to insulate

As well as looking good, carpet can be practical too. A well fitted carpet will keep your living room cosy and floors free from drafts by adding another layer of insulation. At Frank’s, our expert fitters know how to do the job properly. Get in touch with us for more information.

Plus, if you choose a thicker underlay for your carpet this will improve the longevity of your flooring. A good underlay offers better heat insulation and provides a more plush feel underfoot.

Engineered wood for a smart look

A great alternative to solid wood flooring, engineered wood is finished with a layer of natural wood to mimic an authentic look that will last in the home. With this type of flooring you don’t have to compromise style due to cost because it is an affordable option.

It is perfect if you are looking for a hard wearing, durable, low maintenance, easy to install option for high traffic areas.

Pop on down to your local Frank’s and we’ll help you pick out the perfect flooring for your living room.

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