New Year, New Flooring!

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas over, our focus shifts to the year ahead. It’s the perfect time of year to really ‘get things done’; and with it being distinctly grey and miserable outside, January makes for a great opportunity for putting your home interior plans into action. Starting now, you can revamp your home for the year ahead.

As it gets warmer and lighter, interior design trends move to a Spring-Summer focus, and this includes flooring as well as wall and detailing decoration. Using the sunnier, bright seasons as a chance to renew and refresh their living space, many homeowners look for quality flooring that will see them through the new seasons for many years to come whilst still looking great and functioning perfectly.

Frank’s has a broad range of flooring that’s unbeatable both on quality and price. No matter your taste or requirements for a floor, the Frank’s team can recommend, design and install for you – in time for the new season, ticking one thing off your Spring cleaning task list before it even begins!

Forget what you know about Wood Flooring

When people think of wooden flooring, they often conjure images of dark colours and old-fashioned interiors in their minds; but the reality now is much different. Available in a whole host of colours, styles and finishes, both engineered wood and real wood flooring can be fitted now in ways that will complement your existing aesthetics and brighten your rooms, rather than darkening them. Engineered wood is heat and moisture resistant – perfect for heavy footfall areas of the home – and real wood makes a great design statement and a real talking point. Both can be the perfect solution for your desire to improve your interiors for the new season and the Frank’s team can advise on maintenance and care treatments to keep them looking fresh year-round.

Discover LVT

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, or LVT, give more design options with a whole host of colours and designs available; and can even give the appearance of wood for situations where that may not be the ideal flooring. Vinyl tiles are extremely easy to clean, so a simple wipe will mop up spills or stains and refresh the look of the floor entirely.

Do you love carpets too?

Of course, there is little that looks plusher than a freshly cleaned carpet. Frank’s range of carpets span lengths, materials and colours as well as a range of cleaning options. Spring cleaning won’t need to involve a deep clean of your carpets if you buy something high quality and high functioning, as you’ll instead have a beautiful floor beneath your feet 365 days a year.

If you’re unsure of what flooring will work best for the new year, come in and have a chat with the Frank’s team. With years of experience, they can make recommendations and give advice – and will happily do so for free, with no obligation to buy. Why wait for Spring? Clean out and refresh your home now!

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