Open plan living areas are growing increasingly popular in new home developments and it’s clear to see why. Large airy spaces bringing plenty of light create a modern, clean and spacious feel to a home and allow rooms to flow into one another seamlessly.

Areas in the home that are open concept look far less cluttered because of the lack of borders and obstacles. This way, you can connect all rooms using just a single type of flooring or alternatively define different spaces with contrasting floor colours and materials. 

What to consider 

Although an open floor plan is a highly modern and aesthetically pleasing approach to living, it does require some planning if you want to make it work. It is important to make your open living space functional, coherent and attractive all at the same time.

A great starting point is choosing flooring for your open concept space. After that, you will need to give some attention to wall decor, furniture, colour palettes, fabrics and accessories. All of these things combined define the feel of your home.

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How to define space

When you think of an open plan living area in the home, it is usually about connecting the kitchen, dining room and living room. This space should be fluid and continuous, therefore the flooring you choose should enhance this concept.

Start by visualising the layout of the area and how you want it to function. If you want to separate the spaces off from each other, choosing different colours and materials might be the route to take.

Alternatively, if you don’t want these functions to be disconnected then the same floor type throughout your open plan design will look great.

Next, you should ideally choose a versatile colour for your open plan space. It will need to highlight the general style of your home and not detract from your decor choices such as rugs, artwork and other accessories.

Choosing a colour 

If you want to create a further feeling of spaciousness, white is the go-to colour. It provides an uncluttered and calm feeling and works well to create a minimalist effect.

When it comes to choosing white wood flooring, sometimes people are reluctant because of the maintenance. However at Frank’s, we have a wide range of laminate flooring and LVT that mimics the same look as hardwood flooring but without the upkeep.

Perhaps white is too clean-looking for you, if so we have an amazing range of grey flooring. Choosing grey tones helps serve as a base for having brighter colours elsewhere in your space. 

Alternatively, an area with dark hardwood flooring creates a feeling of luxury. It is also a good choice for hiding accidental scratches or dents, which in a space with heavy footfall can be a blessing!

Choosing the right board size

Generally, the rule with plank sizes is to go wide for larger spaces. However, if you are flooring a smaller space and using the same flooring all the way through, a broader option will still do a good job of creating a spacious feel.

This same rule applies to spaces that are smaller. If you want to make a small interior space look bigger, achieve this result by choosing a narrow board. 

Ultimately It all depends on the interior you are working with and the end result you hope to achieve.

Choosing the best flooring

Now it’s time to think about what type of flooring is going to look great in your open concept room.

Hardwood flooring 

Made from hardwood timber, solid hardwood flooring is a highly durable option when properly maintained in the home. It has a long lifespan and an appeal that is timeless and elegant.

Laminate flooring

As a more affordable alternative to hardwood that looks virtually the same, our extensive laminate flooring range is definitely worth a look!


A little bit more pricey than laminate flooring, LVT can mimic natural materials perfectly and is durable, non-porous and resistant to scratches and dents.

Consider the traffic in your home

When buying flooring for anywhere in the home it is important to take into consideration the amount of traffic your home experiences. If you live in a busy household with kids and pets, you will need durable flooring to stand the test of time. 

Pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect flooring for your open concept room.

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