You may not imagine the kitchen to be a room in the home you typically associate a rug with, however there are actually many ways that kitchens can be both practical and stylish at the same time. Let’s take a look!

Kitchens need to be practical but that doesn’t mean to say that a rug can’t be fitted around that! You may be thinking about the busy atmosphere typical of your kitchen with heavy foot traffic and how it will ever host a rug?

However if you choose the right one for your specific needs, it can be a fantastic addition and long-wearing feature in the room.

At Frank’s we know everything there is to know about flooring and that includes rugs too. So let us help you pick the perfect one for your home interior.

Choosing the right fibre for your rug

You might have never thought about suitable materials for a rug that are practical for a kitchen but you’d be surprised! 

Here is the Frank’s rundown of the key fibres to help you to choose the best rug for your kitchen space.


Nylon is ideal for kitchens because it is a synthetic material. It is very strong and able to withstand a high amount of footfall, as well as being easy to clean. Nylon is also resistant to staining, which is ideal for a busy kitchen environment. 


Polypropylene is a man-made fibre and for this reason it is the most resistant to staining and wear.


Polyester is highly resistant to fading and is very easy and quick to dry should you spill something or need to use a carpet cleaning product. 

It has the ability to resist water-based stains due to its low level of absorbency but oil-based stains are difficult to remove from polyester. It is man-made and typically blended with another fibre but is the closest to wool when it comes to appearance and feel.


Bamboo is another durable rug material to take advantage of for kitchens. It is extremely hard wearing and durable and provides a beautiful sheen in the home,

What do you want to achieve with a rug?

As you would with any other room, it is important to take into consideration what your room is like and how you want your rug to complement the space. Take into account the dimensions of your kitchen to fully optimise the floor space you have in the most efficient way.

Kitchen runner

A kitchen runner should have equal amounts of space on either side. There are no strict rules as to where it should start or end but placing it centrally so the borders are equal will give your decor a balanced and sophisticated look and feel.

Make sure you measure the space you have to ensure the kitchen runner fits in and looks right in your room.

Placed underneath furniture

Another great way to utilise a kitchen rug is to anchor a piece of furniture. The best placed kitchen rugs are often underneath a table to give the room a warm feeling and avoid heavy footfall on the surface of the rug. 

Ensure your chosen rug is large enough to fit under the table while leaving adequate space around the edges so that chairs can easily be pulled out. We advise choosing a rug shape that complements the table shape you have. 

For added comfort

A kitchen rug is effective for providing comfort. Much of our time in the kitchen is spent preparing food, cooking and dishwashing; so it’s important to enjoy the experience with comfort and style. 

A rug that is padded is a practical way to give your feet some relief from hard flooring. Consider placing a rug by the sink or in an area where you typically prepare food where you are standing for long periods of time. 

This method creates a small feature that can add some flair to your kitchen while still being practical, compared to a large rug that will take up lots of space.

What is your kitchen space like for a rug?

A kitchen rug has the ability to brighten up a space that can often look quite clinical in a home. A rug will effortlessly bring warmth to the room and look immediately stylish too.

Plus, if you’ve chosen hard flooring for your kitchen, a rug can help to add insulation which will be perfect in the colder months.

If your kitchen is narrow or small, adding a runner can help to widen and elongate the space. You could even place a runner next to a breakfast bar to interject some colour and keep the flow of the room. 

Alternatively, if you have an open plan kitchen and living room, rugs can be used to help divide the spades and create clear differentiation. If you don’t want too much floor space to be covered, place a small rug between the kitchen area and living room to create a border.

So, pop down to your local Frank’s and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect rug for your new home.

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