When it comes to carpets and kids, things can get tricky! Little ones are always so care-free and free spirited that sometimes accidents can happen and carpets can end up marked or stained.

In a family home, carpet doesn’t have to be avoided just because there are children running around. It’s just all about choosing the right carpet and taking necessary precautions to avoid any potential problems while still maintaining a beautiful home.

One of the many great things about carpet for children’s spaces is that it has a soft feel underfoot, which helps reduce the impact of any trips and falls. It also reduces noise, helps to insulate, and is highly affordable. 

At Frank’s, we have a huge range of flooring at great prices. Find your local branch here, pop down and see us, and we’ll find you the perfect fit! 

Here are the best things to consider when buying a carpet to suit a playroom.

Carpet pile type

As opposed to cut pile carpets, which are generally more luxurious and therefore expensive, we recommend loop pile for a children’s playroom.

Loop pile creates a soft and smooth feeling underfoot and is typically used in more reasonably priced carpets.


In most cases, choosing what colour carpet is suitable for a room is more about personal preference and decor aesthetic than practicality.

Light colours can help make a room feel bigger and brighter, however it will show stains and marks more clearly than dark coloured carpet.

On the other hand, dark colours can make a room feel more cosy and conceal stains and dirt but can sometimes look dull and darken a room down.

Carpet material

When choosing the material, at Frank’s we recommend synthetic materials because they are affordable, durable, and often more resistant to stains.

Natural fibres look and feel great but damages and stains can be extremely costly to rectify.

Stain resistance

It’s a fact that kids will make a mess as they begin to learn and explore the world.

If you want your flooring that will last, you need one that is stain resistant and easy to clean. We recommend polypropylene carpets because they offer a high level of protection.

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