When we think carpet, we obviously think Frank’s carpets! But in all seriousness, we remember to carpet the living room, dining room, and bedrooms but often forget that the staircase needs some love and attention too. 

Staircases are an entrance feature in many homes and a stylish space in their own right. Installing stairway carpet does a fantastic job of adding contrasting texture to the wood of the staircase and can bring a soft or bold appearance to complement your decor.

Carpeted staircases also feel comfortable and warm underfoot, which makes using the stairway in a busy family household a much quieter experience. Plus, a stylish staircase can emphasise your hallway and create the illusion of a larger space.

The best stairway carpets are hard wearing and long-lasting and at Frank’s The Flooring Store we have plenty of carpet options available to help you remodel your home.

If you’re looking to elevate the entrance of your home, here are some creative ways to style it up.

Create a runner

Maybe you’ve found a carpet that is perfect for your decor and colour scheme but would like to keep some of the beautiful wood of your staircase on show? Don’t worry because it is possible to design a staircase runner with carpet instead.

Carpeting a spiralling staircase

If you’re wondering whether your spiral staircase might be an obstacle when it comes to carpet, we can assure you that it’s not. A spiral staircase can be carpeted to make it both softer and quieter underfoot during use.

With the help of one of our professional Frank’s fitters, anything is possible. They’re on-hand to help carpet your spiral staircase and create a modern, comfortable appearance.

Get stripy

A staircase can be a stunning feature in any home, however sometimes it looks even better to create a staircase that will attract more attention on first glance to accentuate its looks.

Striped carpet makes an impression and our professional Frank’s fitters will skilfully install it to ensure it works perfectly on any size or shaped staircase.

Install a rich colour

Incorporating rich colour confidently into staircase carpet creates the illusion of a decadent and eye-catching space. Bold colours effortlessly transform an unloved hallway area to become a statement part of the home.

Make an impact

Combining colourful, patterned carpet against a neutral backdrop creates an impactful design. This illusion draws the eye to discover the heart of the home and when combined with grey, cream, or white walls and herringbone parquet flooring, it will really pop.

Pop on down to your local Frank’s and we’ll help you pick out the perfect flooring for your staircase.

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